Cnossos Island (Midnight)

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Cnossos Island
Favicon.png Cnossos Island on the Midnight Ocean
Large island in the Diamond Archipelago
Cnossos Island (Midnight).png

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Controlled by   Cold Steel  
Governed by   Lovedragon
Navy color   Grey
This island has no pets on it.
Outpost Medium Large
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Cnossos Island is a large island located in the Diamond Archipelago. There are four known routes from the island: Winter Solstice, Alpha Island, Turtle Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Guava Island in the Emerald Archipelago. There is also an extinct training route that encircles the island.

Natural Resources

This island spawns serandite, stone, and tellurium. These resources can be bid on at the market.


Initially, buildings on Cnossos were named with Greek and Roman themes. Later, under Sexi Star Flag, many buildings were named (directly or indirectly) after players, flags, and crews. Due to the effort of the Cnossos Restoration Project, Cnossos has resumed the Greek and Roman themes. Also because of the Restoration Project, many of the buildings appear to have been built in April 2006 when, in fact, they are much older.

The Madderinth (bazaar)
Carpe Dye 'Em (upgraded)
Moneytaur (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Chu Chu Market (upgraded)
Marathon Rum (bazaar)
Fearless Liters (upgraded)
Glub Glub Glub (upgraded)
Hera and Baccae Again
Estate agent 
Revolutionary Realtors (upgraded)
Bed, Athens, & Beyond (bazaar)
Alexandria's Domiciles (right-facing townhouse)
Athena's Refuge (left-facing estate)
Minos' Secret Evilla (right-facing villa)
Terra-Cottage Mazes (left-facing cottage)
Trojan Houses (right-facing shack)
The Rub-A-Dub Pub
Scallywag Syndicate Memorial (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Ares Armory (bazaar)
Cretan Cannons (upgraded)
Phoenix (upgraded)
A Thousand Ships Ahoy (bazaar)
Charon's Ferries (upgraded)
Poseidon's Toy Shop (upgraded)
Aphrodite's Secret (bazaar)
House of Black (upgraded)
Oedipus Racks (upgraded)
Midas Well Weave (bazaar)
Achilles Wheel (upgraded)
Counted Cross Styx (upgraded)
Demolished Structures
Apothecaries : Contracting Iris, Oh Dye? See Us!, Dyedalus
Distilleries : Stillin' the Maize
Furnisher : Homer Depot
Inn : Icarus on the Rocks
Iron Mongers : Bull Cannon, Crete Balls of Fire, Troy Swords
Shipyards : Anchor Management, Cheaper Buy the Galleon, Trojan Oar
Tailors : Crazy Oeddies Toga Emporium, Keep Your Pantheon
Weaveries : Hercuweaves
Unknown : Argoknot, Pandora's Knots


The island is named after the Ancient Minoan city with the same name.

The Cnossos Island monument is located north of Contracting Iris.

Cnossos I - 2004-5-21, Black Sails won the first blockade of Cnossos in ten rounds, besting contender Equinox. Cnossos II - 2004-10-29, upset about the destruction of commodities and excessive shoppe placement with Dolzar as governor, Scallywag Syndicate blockaded Cnossos, but lost in seven rounds. The blockade was sinking.

Cnossos III - 2004-11-06, Scallywag Syndicate tried a second time to take Cnossos; they succeeded in eight rounds. It was the first time a large island had been lost by a defender.

Cnossos IV - 2005-03-19, Harbingers declared a blockade on Cnossos, but lost in three rounds.

2005-03-21, Scallywag Syndicate announced a raffle of Cnossos.

2005-03-29, Scuppering Seven Seas won the raffle and took control of Cnossos.

Cnossos V - 2005-04-09, upset by extreme taxation imposed by Scupperer as governor, Raptus Regaliter blockaded Cnossos. Aided by Scallywag Syndicate and Notorious Fandango, Cnossos was defended in four rounds.

2005-06-02, After a month without tax payment, the Cnossos palace crumbled; the island reverted to uncolonized status.

2005-06-03, Vilya took control of Cnossos.

Cnossos VI - 2005-06-10, BRC took control of Cnossos in four rounds, facing only a small defense force from Vilya. The blockade was sinking.

2005-07-13, BRC ceded the island to Sexi Star Flag.

Cnossos VII - 2005-10-02, Jesters' Court blockaded Cnossos and won in three rounds.

2006-06-21, Jesters' Court ceded the island to Widows and Orphans.

Cnossos VIII - 2007-01-06, Fire and Ice declared a blockade on Cnossos, but lost in three rounds.

Cnossos IX - 2007-08-11, Cold Fire declared a blockade on Cnossos, and won control of the island in three rounds, Phobos Et Deimos also blockaded this island at the same time, and gave up after two rounds leaving Cold Fire with a free third round win.

Cnossos X - 2008-06-14, As part of Cold Fire's merge into Don't Panic, Don't Panic declared a blockade. Broadsiders joined the offense, and despite losing rounds one and two, managed to win the third round. This forced the blockade to go into a fourth round which Don't Panic won, gaining control of the island.

Cnossos XI - 2008-12-07, Folie Circulaire declared a blockade on Cnossos and won the island in three rounds.

Cnossos XII - 2009-05-23, Royal Pains declared a blockade on Cnossos, but conceded the blockade before it started, fielding only a single brig.

Cnossos XIII - 2009-09-26, As part of their retirement, Folie Circulaire scuttled one Brigand King for each island that they held. Brynhild Skullsplitter's flag, Ice Wyrm's Brood attacked Cnossos, and won the uncontested blockade in three rounds.

Cnossos XIV - 2009-10-03, Cold Steel declared a blockade on Cnossos to free it from Ice Wyrm's Brood, and won the blockade in four rounds.

Cnossos XV - 2010-3-07, Mystery Core declared a blockade on Cnossos, and Cold Steel returned the war declaration to make it sinking. Cold Steel defended in 3 rounds.

Cnossos XVI - 2010-10-16, Dies Irae declared a blockade on Cnossos, and Cold Steel successfully defended in five rounds.