Mystery Core

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Mystery Core at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Sweetmomma of Beauty and the Beasts
Member crew(s) Armed and Ready, Beauty and the Beasts, Boomy Nights, Brigantes, Hot Brownies, Le Toys, Mystery Inc, Nereus, Red Dawn, the elite code, The Hot Tamales, The Red Rum Crew, Universal pirates
Founded 12 December, 2008
Dormant or disbanded as of 27 February, 2012
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Mystery Core was a flag on the Midnight Ocean founded in the year 2008 on the 12th Day of December by an amalgamation of Mystery Inc and Septera Core.

Mystery Core officially disbanded in 2010.

Scoobdoo (retired monarch) wishes the ocean the best of luck in the future.

Shops and stalls

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Type Name Island
Icon distillery.png
Alniyat's Distilling Stall Jorvik Island
Icon iron monger.png
Oddiethepuppie's Ironworking Stall Ostreum Island
Oddiethepuppie's Ironworking Stall Cleopatra's Pearls
Pirateforme's Ironworking Stall Ostreum Island
Stonebaby's Ironworking Stall Ostreum Island
Icon tailor.png
All Stitched Up Epsilon Island
Sinzines's Tailoring stall Gaea Island
Icon weavery.png
Scoobdoo's Weaving Stall Tinga Island
Ianc's Weaving Stall Cranberry Island
Ianc's Weaving Stall Papaya Island

Blockades at a glance

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 10 May 2009 Cleo XI Attacking Precolonized yes Midnight Marauders vs. Mystery Core 0:3 Won island
2 17 October 2009 Delta XIII Attacking yes Chthonic Horde vs. Mystery Core, Burning Vengance 3:0:0 Didn't win island
3 21 November 2009 Cleo XII Defending colonized yes Mystery Core vs. The Enlightened 3:2 Defended island

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