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Raw goods
Mass: 2.6 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: Merchant brigands, Commodities markets
Used by: Estate agents, Furnishers, Shipyards
End products: Buildings, Furniture, Bludgeons

Stone is one of the nine basic commodities. It is used for the construction and upgrading of buildings and for the production of furniture and bludgeons.

Spawn locations

Cerulean Emerald Ice Meridian Obsidian

*Islands without market bidding.


Stone is needed for the construction of (units required in parentheses):

  • All buildings (excluding bazaars, houses, attractions, forts, and palaces) can be upgraded for half the original amount. Upgrades are ordered at an estate agent.
  • Apothecary shoppe (3500)
  • Distillery shoppe (6000)
  • Furnisher shoppe (4500)
  • Iron monger shoppe (5000)
  • Shipyard shoppe (6000)
  • Tailor shoppe (4500)
  • Weavery shoppe (3000)

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