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Folie Circulaire

From YPPedia

Folie Circulaire at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Smydonthe of Lights Out
Member crew(s) Lights Out
Founded 20 September, 2008
Dormant as of 28 September, 2009
Favicon.png Flag Info

Folie Circulaire was a flag on the Midnight Ocean. Their name means "Circle of Madness".


Public Statement

The circle is complete.

Extended Public Statement

All Your Flotilla Are Belong To Us



Folie Circulaire was founded on September 20th, 2008 by the mysterious figure Kingofypp. He issued an ominous warning[1] in Midnight Parley. Kingofypp quickly worked to establish Folie Circulaire by recruiting established crews including Forbidden Dreams, Made of Fail, and Shadow Riders.

Under his guidance the crews swiftly worked together and in a mere thirty six days, Kingofypp led Folie Circulaire into a blockade against Water Sleeps. On October 26th 2008 at Beta IV [2] Kingofypp guided his flag to victory in four rounds.

This would be the first, last, and only blockade Kingofypp would lead Folie Circulaire into. Humbled by the pirates of Midnight, and the gathering of players who flew his flag, Kingofypp left his creation - something in his own words, "greater than any of my imagination"[3] - to roam the seas of Midnight.

Folie Circulaire quickly moved to establish a new monarch and to appoint a third royal to the flag. It was decided that with Kingofypp's departure, Dchow would assume the role of monarch and Donsmythe would be promoted to serve as prince with Dunny. Following Kingofypp's teachings, the crews originally assembled under him rapidly worked to build a second blockade fleet and readied themselves for their next conquest.

On December 7th 2008, Folie Circulaire teamed with Broadsiders to blockade the allied flags of Don't Panic at Cnossos Island [4], and Tyr's Own at Byrne Island. Folie Circulaire won Cnossos XI in three rounds, and aided Broadsiders' defeat of Tyr's Own at Byrne XI in five rounds. In an announcement posted in Midnight Parley, Folie Circulaire vowed to uphold the Cnossos Restoration Project [5].

On February 8th 2009, Folie Circulaire blockaded Delta Island in Delta VIII [6] and took the island in three rounds. Morgan's Marauders did not defend during the blockade but actively supported Fairwinds in their attempt to win the island.

On May 23rd 2009, Folie Circulaire made Midnight blockading history. With their victories at Guava XII and Jorvik XXIII [7] and their successful defenses at Cnossos XII, Delta IX, and Beta V Folie Circulaire became the first flag to hold five large islands at the same time.

On June 16th, 2009, Dunny stepped down as royalty. Bealotus was later voted in as his replacement.

On July 11th 2009, Folie Circulaire successfully defended [8] Jorvik Island against Dies Irae at Jorvik XXIV in three rounds.

Shortly before their July blockade, Dchow and his crew, Made of Fail, began discussing the possibility of either disbanding the flag or leaving Folie Circulaire. They wanted the flag to go out on top instead of disappearing into obscurity as a shell of itself. When the issue went up to a flag vote, the majority voted that the flag would remain. In August 2009, Dchow stepped down as monarch as he planned to go dormant. Dchow chose Tzz as his successor, and on August 10th Tzz was voted in as king.

Dunny and other members of Folie Circulaire decided to drop a war chest in the Alpha event blockade in order to celebrate the flag's one year birthday. A few days after their 0-3 loss at Alpha II to Tyr's Own, Dchow withdrew Made of Fail from the flag and created the flag Fallen.

The next day, Folie Circulaire scuttled the Brigand Kings to attack each of their islands. The remaining crews moved to the flag Bipolar and keep an alt in an empty crew in Folie Circulaire.

Folie Circulaire once stood as one of the most active flags on Midnight in all aspects of the ocean environment.

Shoppes and Stalls

Folie Circulaire held many successful merchants. Flag members were encouraged to support their fellow flagmates by working and buying from the shoppes and stalls listed below.

Click [show] to view the complete list of shoppes and stalls

Blockades At A Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 26 October 2008 Beta IV Attacking colonized Yes Water Sleeps vs. Folie Circulaire 1:3 Won island
2 7 December 2008 Cnossos XI Attacking colonized No Don't Panic vs. Folie Circulaire 0:3 Won island
3 8 February 2009 Delta VIII Attacking colonized No Morgan's Marauders vs. Folie Circulaire, Fairwinds 0:3:0 Won island
4 23 May 2009 Jorvik XXIII Attacking colonized Yes Nova Scorpius vs. Folie Circulaire 0:3 Won island
5 23 May 2009 Guava XII Attacking colonized Yes Don't Panic vs. Folie Circulaire 1:3 Won island
6 23 May 2009 Cnossos XII Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Royal Pains 3:0 Defended island
7 23 May 2009 Delta IX Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Nova Scorpius 3:0 Defended island
8 23 May 2009 Beta V Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Don't Panic 3:1 Defended island
9 11 July 2009 Jorvik XXIV Defending colonized No Folie Circulaire vs. Dies Irae 3:0 Defended island
10 19 September 2009 Alpha II Attacking colonized Yes Vilya vs. Tyr's Own, Folie Circulaire 0:3:0 Didn't win island
11 26 September 2009 Jorvik XXV Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Jinx 0:3 Lost island
12 26 September 2009 Guava XIII Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Black Veil 0:3 Lost island
13 26 September 2009 Cnossos XIII Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Ice Wyrm's Brood 0:3 Lost island
14 27 September 2009 Delta X Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. Chthonic Horde 0:3 Lost island
15 27 September 2009 Beta VI Defending colonized Yes Folie Circulaire vs. The All-Consuming Flame 0:3 Lost island

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