Homer Depot

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Homer Depot
Left-facing Furnisher (upgraded) on
Cnossos Island (Diamond Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Jezabella
Manager(s) Dubbrub, Mieke
Dusted unknown


Homer Depot, originally named House of Art, was built in September 2005 after the game release that introduced furniture. The shoppe was built by Sexilord, then the Governor of Cnossos.

On October 2, 2005 the flag Jesters' Court blockaded and defeated Sexi Star Flag to gain control of Cnossos and immediately put into action the Cnossos Restoration Project under the management of Governer Zanered. Zanered purchased the shoppe, then named House of Art, from Sexilord on behalf of the project and renamed it to Homer Depot on November 17th, 2005.

Homer Depot was purchased from the project by the current owner Jezabella in February 2006.


Homer Depot maintains a large selection of premade furniture. A list of available items and prices can be seen in the shoppe news on the ground floor.

Cnossos Restoration

The owner Jezabella agreed to the shoppe being moved as part of the Cnossos Restoration Project.