Keep Your Pantheon

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Keep Your Pantheon
Right-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Cnossos Island (Diamond Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Candace
Manager(s) Fizz
Dusted Date unknown

Keep Your Pantheon was one of the shoppes offered as a prize in the Cnossos shoppe naming competition during the early months of Midnight. The competition was won by members of the crew Crimson Tyrants with pirate Captainbligh taking the honors for submitting the winning name. Keep Your Pantheon was owned by Alanafiona (former captain of Crimson Tyrants) and managed by Captainbligh, Stevedave, and Euron, also of Crimson Tyrants for several months. The shoppe was also previously owned and solely managed by Jezabella of the crew Fandango Familiars. It is currently owned by Candace.


Keep Your Pantheon maintains a substantial selection of clothing available on the rack and also has all cloth colors except gold in inventory at all times for clothing orders.

Cnossos Restoration

The owner Jezabella agreed to the shoppe being moved as part of the Cnossos Restoration Project.