Counted Cross Styx

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Counted Cross Styx
Left-facing Weavery (upgraded) on
Cnossos Island (Diamond Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Emmett
Manager(s) Patkat

Counted Cross Styx was at one time owned by Ptolemy who later sold the shoppe to Mankette. During the initial push of the Cnossos Restoration Project Jezabella and Dubbrub brokered a deal with Mankette which saw them purchase Counted Cross Styx and resulted in them selling their current weavery on Cnossos Island Pandora's Knots to the project to be dusted.


Counted Cross Styx maintains all colours of cloth for sale dockside at all times.

Cnossos Restoration

The owner Jezabella agreed to the shoppe being moved as part of the Cnossos Restoration Project.

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