Bull Cannon

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For the Napi Peak iron monger, see Bullcannon.
Bull Cannon
Iron monger on
Cnossos Island (Diamond Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Dusted February 2006

Bull Cannon was named by Spinn in one of the last pre-built shop naming contests when Midnight opened.


It was auctioned off in the last round of shop auctions to a group of pirates called Independent Merchant Shop Investment Consortium (IMSIC). This group pooled their money together independently of large flags and treated owning shops as an investment, where the profits were split by the shares that pirates had put into it.

After about a year, the group fell apart, and someone gave the shop deed to Scupperer, who sold off all the goods, and then the deed, and bought Cnossos.

The building dusted at some point around February 2006.