Crazy Oeddies Toga Emporium

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Crazy Oeddies Toga Emporium
Right-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Cnossos Island (Diamond Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Ploute
Manager(s) Brighteyez, Starla
Erected April 2006
Dusted Date unknown

Crazy Oeddie's Toga Emporium is a tailor shoppe located on Cnossos Island, in the Diamond Archipelago of the Midnight Ocean. It has been run by Ploute and others of Silly Symphonies since January of 2007.

Special Orders

Any of the Managers of Crazy Oeddie's Toga Emporium is willing to help you with any special order needs you have at anytime. Please just send us a tell in game or on our forums and we'll be happy to help you.[1]

Selling Items to Crazy Oeddie's Toga Emporium

At times we are purchasing, sometimes we are not. Please if you wish to sell something to us contact us in game or on the forums, [2] and have ready the type of clothing it is, the color(s) and what condition it's in. That will make it easier for us. It may take a while to get you a price but we promise to give you a fair price.

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