Scallywag Syndicate

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Scallywag Syndicate at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Jackblackalt of Mercenary Squadron
Member crew(s) Mercenary Squadron, PVP Naked, Rudder Destruction
Dormant as of 25 March, 2007
Favicon.png Flag Info

Scallywag Syndicate is a flag on the Midnight Ocean, founded by Manipulator and Robertdonald on July 23rd, 2004.


The flag soon became famous for its mercenary ways and was the first flag to pay jobbers in blockades. After the departure of Manipulator, the flag was guided by Robertdonald and Jacktheblack.

The flag has held 3 different islands at various times: Cnossos Island, Jorvik Island, and Eta Island. At its height, the flag consisted of the current crews with the addition of the crew Enmity and controlled three islands at once: Cnossos, Endurance, and Zeta, an epic feat to this day for such a microscopic flag that is impossible now with the Fame system. Scallywag Syndicate fought a public war with RAWR from March 2005 - June 2005, commonly known as the Scallywag War.