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Thanatos BladesThane
Thanes of the Frost-daughterThank You For Sending Me An AnvilThank You For Smithing
ThanosThar She BlowsThar She Blows (Meridian)
Thar She Blows (Sage)TharjoeThat Drinking Feeling
That Ship CrayThat TickledThatcuteguy
TheResurrectionThe A-TeamThe AA Crew
The AbandonedThe Admiral's AnvilThe Admirals Breezer
The Adventuris MermadesThe Aerobros
The AgoraThe AkatsukiThe All-Consuming Flame
The AllianceThe Alliance (Malachite)The Alliance (Midnight)
The Alliance (Viridian)The Alpha and OmegaThe Altar of Heroes
The Amethyst RangersThe Angels of MercyThe Angry Mob
The Angry WolvesThe Anti-listThe Apocalypse
The ApostasyThe Aqua RainbowThe Argent Dawn
The ArgonautsThe Argonauts-WestThe Argonauts (Hunter)
The Argonauts (Viridian)The Armada of Angels
The Armada of the DeadThe Armored BearsThe Army of the Black Pearl
The Arr-Mazing RaceThe ArrgonautsThe Art of Diplomacy
The Art of WarThe AscendancyThe Assassins' Creed
The Atlantean ArmadaThe Atlantean ConspiracyThe Atlantean Raiders
The Atlantis ExpeditionThe AudienceThe August Charade
The Aussie FlagThe AutomaticThe Avatar Community
The Avatar Community/Art/AdrielleThe Avatar Community/Member DisplayThe Avatars
The AvengersThe Avengers (Sage)The Avengers (Sage crew)
The Avengers (Viridian)The Awesome PiratesThe Azure Rebellion
The Baboon BrigadeThe Banished Buccaneers
The Barbary BuccaneersThe Barn
The BazaarThe Beast and the Harlot
The Beaufort Islands (Emerald)The Beaufort Islands (Hunter)
The Beaufort Islands (disambiguation)The Beginning Of The EndThe Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle (flag)The Big AppleThe Big Bash For Cash
The Big KahunaThe Birds
The Black-Hearted JokersThe BlackPeril-East
The Black AlbatrossThe Black ArchaeopteryxThe Black Avengers
The Black BannerThe Black CompanyThe Black Crows
The Black CrystalThe Black Dawn RaidersThe Black Death
The Black FingerThe Black Flag MarinersThe Black Hand
The Black HoleThe Black Hole (Viridian)The Black Hole (inn)
The Black HuntersThe Black Knight is Inn-vincibleThe Black Legion
The Black LordsThe Black MarketThe Black Mist
The Black NavyThe Black ParadeThe Black Pearl
The Black Pearl (Hunter flag)The Black Pearl (Sage flag)The Black Pearl (building)
The Black Pearl (crew)The Black PerlThe Black Plague
The Black Plague (Sage)The Black Plague (Viridian)The Black Sea
The Black SheepThe Black Sheep (Midnight)The Black Ship
The Black Ship RaidersThe Black Storm
The Black WatchThe Black Widow
The Blackwolf MaraudersThe Blade Ad DicereThe Blade Lords
The Blarney ThroneThe Blazing Cannons
The Bleeding BladesThe Blind JudgesThe Blizzard Pearl
The Blockade TeamThe Blood BowThe Blood Brothers
The Blood LineThe Blood Red MoonThe Blood Tide
The Blood of WarThe Blooded BladesThe Bloody All-Nighters
The Bloody Black DeathThe Bloody ChivesThe Blue Aura
The Blue BanditsThe Blue PearlThe Bluenoser's
The Boar's Head TavernThe BogThe Bone Yard
The Booched StoogesThe BootLeggersThe Booty Buccaneers
The Booty StealersThe Bootysplitters
The Bretheren CourtThe Brethren CourtThe Brig Easy
The Brig Side of LifeThe Bright Side of Knives (Meridian)
The Britannic NavyThe British EaglesThe British Royal Navy
The BrokenThe Broken CrownThe Brood
The BrotherhoodThe BrowncoatsThe Buccaneer's Quest
The Buccaneer HeroesThe Budding Bronx ArmsThe Buffer's Binnacle
The Bum'sThe Burning Dreams
The By-laws of The Ruby RingThe C A CThe Cabildo
The CamarillaThe Cannons Roar
The CapitalistsThe CaraplaceThe Caravel Corsairs
The Carpenter's HouseThe Cartographers
The Case of the Comte de FroufrousThe CastawaysThe Cat's Meow
The Cat's Meow (Cobalt)The Cat's Meow (Meridian)The Cat's Pajamas
The Cat's PyjamasThe Cat o' Nine Balls
The CatwalkThe CauldronThe Celtic Pride
The ChampionsThe Champions of DespairThe Chat Boochers
The Cheruscan HammersThe Cheruscan ScrollThe Cheruscan Scroll/Donations
The ChessmenThe Chocolate QueensThe Chosen One
The Christmas WorkshopThe Chronicles of UsThe Circus
The CitizensThe Civil SerpentThe Clampits
The Coast Guard
The Coat of Many ColorsThe Cobalt GuardianThe Cobaltian Disease
The CodeThe CollectiveThe Colour And The Shape
The Colourful LionsThe Colourful VanThe Comfy Chair
The Common EnemyThe Compass RoseThe Conch Republic
The ConfederacyThe ConqueringThe Conquest
The Conquest/Blockade HistoryThe Continental CongressThe Continuum
The CoolerThe Coral ReefersThe Corleones
The Cottage ClubThe Couch Breakers
The Courage of HunterThe Courageous SwordsThe Crazed Cutlasses
The Crazy CoconuteersThe CretansThe Crew of Gore
The CreweThe Criminally InsaneThe Crimson Permanent Assurance
The Crimson TideThe Cronies
The CrownThe Crown Of ThornThe Cruel Cutthroats
The Crusade of WarriorsThe Crusaders
The Cuckoo's NestThe CultThe Culture Club
The CuriaThe Cursed Explorers
The Cursed Isles MuseumThe Cursed SailorsThe Cursed Watering Hole
The Cutting EdgeThe CyclonesThe Da Vinci Couch
The Dadao ParrotThe Damn Right StupidThe Danger Of Dreams
The Danish SeakillersThe Danish Viking CrewThe Dark
The Dark (flag)The Dark Brotherhood
The Dark Brotherhood (Sage)The Dark Elite KillersThe Dark Invaders
The Dark JungleThe Dark KingsThe Dark Navy
The Dark RiffThe Dark Side-West
The Dark TideThe Darkfire DragonsThe Darkness
The Darkness (Sage)The Darkness (Viridian)The Darkness Within
The DastardsThe Dauntless FrontThe Dawn of Time
The Dawn of Time (defunct)The Dawntreaders
The Dead Flying MothThe Dead ParrotsThe Dead Pirates
The Dead Sea RaidersThe DeadlightsThe Deadly Duo
The Deadly PearlsThe Deadly ReturnThe Death Star

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