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The Akatsuki

From YPPedia

The Akatsuki at a Glance
Malachite Ocean
Last Captain Runescapien
Senior Officer(s) Giolauren, Summers
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Bloody Bones
Founded 23 September, 2008
Dormant or disbanded as of 26 December, 2010

The Akatsuki is a crew co-captained by Runescapien in the flag Bloody Bones on the Malachite Ocean.


About Runescapien

Runescapien was the monarch of the flag Admiral's Domain But he decided that Deathbeardt should be the monarch for a while, thus, he handed Deathbeardt the crown back. Now he is monarch of Bloody Bones.

Public Statement

Need Pirates for CP - SO! come join the crew mateys!


  • Cabin Person: We have none of these, unless someone is bad.
  • Officer: 2 broads, OR have a ship( which MUST stay Unlocked) , MUST understand rules and agree to obey them.
  • Fleet Officer: 2 solids, been in the crew for a day at the very least position approved by a senior officer With the title 'Lieutenant , First mate' or The Captain, Read and sworn to abide by the crew rules (private statement)

There may be exceptions made to these rules.

Crew Website


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