The Culture Club

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The Culture Club at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Mazzy
Senior Officer(s) Basenji, Gregthegreat, Gruggo, Pinkness, Secsy, Knir.
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Army Of Darkness
Founded 9 March, 2007
Merged with Xensity as of 9 January, 2008


The crew, The Culture Club, merged with Xensity after the captain, Mazzy, decided there was little point to continue.


The Culture Club started because its members were frustrated with being stuck in a crew that was described (by one member) as "flailing around like a dying fish". (The member was Theholyghost describing The Sage Raiders)

It was created by Mazzy (captain) and Shupman (senior officer) to somehow relight the spark that they had when they started. It has certainly done that. With many battles, all of the crew members get the opportunity to improve their stats, and improve their rank. The crew always makes sure that they have fun. As long as a prospective crew member does not mind a bit of mindless banter on crew and flag officer chat, this is the crew for you. There was once a senior officer who sang frequently on crew chat. The crew are easy-going, but do work incredibly hard to achieve results.

What the crew is about

The crew is here for the fun, the battles and the money. The crew takes part in lots of pillages. The crew enjoys taking part in the frequent event blockades and have ships in port at the most popular locations. The crew also enjoys the thrill of a flotilla and the opportunity to treasure haul when available. The crew are not afraid to explore new vistas. Recently, they have lost two ships, a sloop and a cutter, in sinking flotillas. The crew is also not afraid to fight in a war. They lost a sloop during a period of it early in their existence. They once had their own flag, by the name of Karma Chameleon and they enjoyed it while they were having fun. The crew recently joined the flag Army of Darkness and has thrived ever since. All crew members are valued equally and each member benefits from a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The crew endeavour to help each other and to train all members.

Promotion Guideline

Cabin person: A new crew member and someone who is new to Puzzle Pirates will automatically made a cabin person.

Pirate: After a few days a cabin person will be promoted to pirate. A pirate is also someone that has shown that they are willing to learn about the puzzles and are willing to participate in the crew pillages. There are a few minimum piracy skill requirements. These are one solid, three broads and a distinguished in the basic piracy skills (Bilging, Carpentry and Sailing).

Officer: They are crew members who have shown that they have known what they are doing. They are also crew members who can show people what they need to improve and become officers themselves. Officers are also encouraged to lead pillages. Anyone joining who has excellent piracy skills will given the rank of officer and will stay there for a few days so they can show that they can be trusted and loyal crew members. Officers will be trained in all skills that are required for this rank. The minimum skills required are 3 solids, 1 respected and the majority at distinguished.

Fleet officer: These are trusted members of the crew. As they allowed access to a hold of a ship, the decision to promote somebody to the rank of fleet officer is not taken lightly. They are the officers who have pillaged frequently and have taught people how to pillage. They will have also taught people how to be a good crew member. They have proven that they can be good officers and that they are respected other members of the crew. The minimum required piracy skills are 4 solids with the remainder at broad, 2 respected and the remainder at distinguished.

Senior officer: These are the captain's right hand pirates. Without them, the captain would not have a crew. This is why the first requirement is the captain's absolute trust. In the event of an emergency, these officers look after the crew. These officers must have shown me that they are loyal and incredibly able over a reasonable period of time. They must be liked and respected by all crew members, an inspiration to all. They are also the officers who have shown that they know what they doing. They must also have excellent piracy skill levels. The senior officers are expected to train any new members and try and recruit more. They will also be the people who pillage often. Any officer looking to be promoted to this rank must have shown that they are committed to the crew. It is also requirement that any prospective senior officer must be very good at Battle Navigation. This skill is so the captain knows the ships are safe in their hands and that battles are not going to be lost easily. The required piracy skills for this rank are all Solids (except Swordfighting and Rumble), 1 master and 4 respected. They must also be distinguished or higher in Battle Navigation.