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Flag Title

Icon royalty.png Prince
Crew Title
First Mate
Navy Rank
Lieutenant Commander

Tharjoe joined Puzzle Pirates in August after playing twice before as Oddparrot. He was a senior officer and branch-captain of Drunkards of the Sage on the Sage Ocean. Tharjoe joined the Hunter Ocean as well under the same name. He didn't play this one as much due to the lack of badges and ships.

He left Puzzle Pirates in 2009 and this pirate has been deleted.


First time play

Tharjoe first joined in 2004 as Oddparrot, he abandoned this account until late 2006 and re-joined, devestated to find he had been kicked out of the crew he was in. Later he found a player who was willing to take him and his friend into the crew, both of them left until August 2007 where they joined Nasty Drunks.

More recently

Tharjoe spent his time earning money. He had a sloop known as the Excited Sawfish, along with Jimmyuk, his captain.


On Sage, Tharjoe was a branch-captain in Drunkards of the Sage, a crew captained by Jimmyuk, Djsomerfield and himself. He was a prince of Dark Knights of Sage.


On Hunter, Tharjoe spent his time making PoE and buying doubloons for his main Sage account. It was a handy trick. He was in Thieves Guild captained by Gorev.

Other events

Tharjoe owned an ironworking stall with his friend and mentor Jimmyuk. He was the manager there and he also worked regularly for Thundernut, his boss. Jimmyuk and Tharjoe had become an almost inseparable duo since his elevation to officer and later to fleet officer.

Tharjoe also got his poker standing up to grand-master after a fantastic full house of 3 aces and 2 twos. He dropped to renowned after a disaster of losing to a two pair.

A little bit of interesting information

Tharjoe spotted many things in the game related to the Monkey Island games by Ron Gilbert. Here are some of them:

  • El Pollo Diablo is an unseen character in Monkey Island 3
  • The frilly shirt (male) looks identical to that worn by Guybrush Threepwood in the first game
  • If done correctly, one can resemble LeChuck, the main villain
  • The Black Ship and it's crew of skellies resemble the 3rd incarnation of LeChuck's ship seen in the first part of Monkey Island 3
  • If done correctly, one can resemble Guybrush Threepwood
  • Pirates can also resemble Meathook

The Wit of Sage

Tharjoe often told some funny stuff, here was some of them:

  • "Looks like someone lost a War Frig" - When Damage was critical on an Atlantis run
  • "Hey, do you pick up free cable with that helmet?" - To someone with an Atlantean Helmet
  • "Y'know, you should wear a shirt to stop your nipples freezing off like that" - To someone wearing topless belt
  • "Help this poor Old Salt earn a living, buy his charts" - Trying to flog rare charts
  • "I hate you too" - Trying to end an argument
  • "Shaddap royal" - To his monarch of a previous flag


Chocolate chip cookies
To my very Special Person, From Jimmyuk
Item box unequip.png
Trinket-Chocolate chip cookies.png

Royal Anchovy Tin
Ransomed by Admiral Finius to Tharjoe on September 5, 2007
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Colors-trinket-Royal anchovy tin.png

Greeting Card

From ye Friend and Crewmate Malaico Happy B-Day... P.S.: im goinng to take your spot!

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Colors-trinket-Greeting card.png
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