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The Admirals Breezer

From YPPedia

The Admirals Breezer
Right-facing Distillery (upgraded) on
Admiral Island (Gull Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Captjohan
Manager(s) Shipz, Beatrixa
Erected October 2009
Building-Emerald-The Admirals Breezer.png

The Admirals Breezer is a right-facing, upgraded distillery on Admiral Island. It was erected in October 2009 under the governance of the flag Pirates Hate Palindromes and purchased by Zod shortly thereafter.

Originally named The Day the Earth Drank Swill, the building was renamed The Bad Booze Bears in a tribute to the 1976 baseball classic The Bad News Bears.

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The Bad News Bears at the Internet Movie Data Base.

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