The Black Finger

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The Black Finger at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Matrat of Imperial Golden Dragons
Member crew(s) Imperial Golden Dragons
Disbanded as of 24 June, 2007

The Black Finger was founded on March 25th 2006.

Public Statement

The Black Finger is here and you will soon be getting "IT" and if you dont know what "IT" is then you better find out. Its the mark of ye final days of rule and a new era in pirate rule. Fair and just and straight to the blade. Should you be interested in joining our flag this is what you can expect. You will have a king that is online most of the time and you will become part of a sucessful flag. I dont give up easily and working with me you will gain benefits.

Should you be interested send a tell to either Matrat, Touched or Bombeanie who will be more than happy to invite you and your crew to our flag.

A new generation will rise that will bring judgement swift and fast. Saving the innocent from the chains of slavery and encouraging growth and prosperity. The weak shall be uprooted and a strong foundation relaid. No more running hiding at sea the black finger is coming and coming from me!