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The Conquest

From YPPedia

The Conquest at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Member flag(s) The Eye, Razorblade Romance, The Black Pearl, Dawn Treader Voyagers, Bite Me, Your Worst Nightmare, Collusion, EAC
Islands controlled Aimuari Island - The Eye
Gallows Island - Bite Me
Pukru Island - The Eye
Sayers Rock - The Eye
Last updated on 08 October, 2007

The Conquest is an alliance ring of flags on the Hunter Ocean.


Alliance Statement

The Conquest alliance consists of flags who have banded together for mutual support and success on the Hunter Ocean.

Active Participating Flags

Political History

  • In late July-August 2006, crews from Requited Desires split off forming Varsity, and later splitting off again to form the modern Razorblade Romance and allies with the Eye.
  • In Fall 2006, The Dawn Treader Voyagers drop ties to Requited Desires and allies with The Eye, Razorblade Romance, and Bite Me. The Black Pearl crews come under The Eye's banner.
  • November 2006, Formal idea of an alliance 'Ring' conceived, flags tighten their alliance rings.
  • December 2006, Fate's Shadow disbands, the largest crew -Frozen- joins Razorblade Romance.
  • In April 2007, The royals of Conquest voted to officially name the alliance "The Conquest", making a public announcement[1].
Collusion becomes the newest member of the alliance.
EAC joins the alliance.
Insert Flag Name Here, now dormant, leaves the alliance.

Blockade History

Lifetime Blockade Record - 22 blockades - 15 wins : 7 losses (Events not counted)

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Note: Bold flag name denotes Conquest representative.

Joining the Alliance

We are always looking forward to making new additions to our grand alliance. If you think your flag has what it takes, contact any royal of the participating flags, and they will be glad to help you start the process.

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