The Crazy Coconuteers

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The Crazy Coconuteers at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Timostamboli
Senior Officer(s) Adamant, Blindbat, Bryonyshoes, Evulinka, Heftysmurf Kellymma, Marr, Singedbeard, Vasquette, Vitan, Zoolola
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Deadman's Vengeance
Dormant or disbanded as of 19 January, 2007

The Crazy Coconuteers was a crew that sailed the Sage Ocean under the flag Deadman's Vengeance.

Public Statement



just ask after the pilly.

Pirate and higher ye will have to know once ye join.


1 No spamming.

2 Rudeness/Lazing will result in a plank, demotion, or expultion.

3 DO NOT beg for poe, for a task, or for a rank.

4 I advise all mates to train with the navy as much as possible, it really improves yer stats so yer rank in the crew can move up quicker, also ye get better at all the puzzles and everyone will want ye on their pillages!


I advise all my mates to own ships as soon as they can so that they can keep their own ships locked and there is no worry of theft or abandonment.


Purple is no longer our crew colour. The crew colours are yet to be decided.


If ye join the crew only to be promoted then this is not the crew for you. We promote based on more than yer stats, We have to trust ye and know ye are loyal to the crew and have the crews best interest at heart, not just yer own. Be respectful to one another and if ye have any concerns or problems then address them to a senior officer! I hope you have fun and sail the seven seas with us! : )

Sincerely your Captain, Timostamboli

Rank Promotions

These are the ratings required for all the ranks for The Crazy Coconuteers. High ratings in other skills do not count towards any of the requirements.

Cabin person - There are no requirements for this rank except to work hard.

Pirate - This is the next step up from cabin person. Must have at least solid experience in the three duty puzzles Bilging, Sailing, and Carpentry. Some experience in other areas such as Gunnery and Navigation would also help.

Officer - Need solid experience, and at least distinguished puzzle standing in Sailing, Bilging, Carpentry and Gunnery. Must also have solid experience in Navigation.

Fleet officer - Need solid/respected in Sailing, Bilging, Carpentry and Gunnery as well as solid/distinguished in Navigation and Battle Navigation.

Senior officer - This is one of the exclusive positions in the crew. Some of the requirements for this position are solid/master in Sailing, Bilging, Carpentry and Gunnery, as well as at least solid/distinguished in Navigation and Battle Navigation. The most important requirement of all is the crew's and captain's trust. Becoming a senior officer is a big responsibility, not just a rank. The job would be to look after things when the captain isn't there. Senior officers have to look after the new members, resolve situations, and recruit new pirates.

Coming Soon.....

There are lots of new things coming into effect in this crew in 2007. Here is a look as to what expect -

  • Crew Buddy System - Timostamboli will be paying long standing crew mates to hire/train pirates new to the game, this will help fill out the ranks, increase crew fame and put a bit of PoE in the pocket.
  • The Crazy Pilly Run - Timostamboli plans to stay online for 12+ hours running a non stop pilly. He will not leave the ship and probably do most of the nav.
  • Crew Parties - There are going to be plenty a party to be had in 2007 and all are invited to come drink, brawl and gamble their way to the top of of the crew.
  • Crew Meetings - Timostamboli will be holding an open crew meeting on a regular basis. Pirates can come have their say and place their vote.

All details will be in the crew forum, send a tell to either the captain or a senior officer for the address.