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The Continuum

From YPPedia

The Continuum at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Hollistermod of The Collective
Member crew(s) The Collective, The Dominion, Imperial Klingon Fleet
Founded 24 April, 2008
Allies cross bones, The Darkest Hour, Dawn Treader Voyagers
Wars None
Last updated on 4 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-The Continuum.jpg

The Continuum is a flag on the Emerald Ocean formerly of Hunter.



  • Ranked 7 on the Hunter Ocean with Eminent fame.

Public Statement

Hitting an event blockade near you!

Extended Public Statement

Story tells of two brothers Hollistermod and Natedawg whom at the time, tired of going in with their crew into flotillas and being known as only independent, set out to make a flag. With this flag the brothers now had a name, a name that could strike fear into their opponents, or at least be recognized. Soon the brothers split their crew and Natedawg formed another crew and soon others came to join this new flag. Some came and then left shortly however others the ones that really mattered no matter what their size and or state of being stayed and their captains Startrek, Tlara, Parkwood, and Jettornado along with countless other people became important and irreplacable members of this flag. Small at first the flag quickly grew and as it grew those in it grew as well wether by getting better richer or making mistakes and learning. The flag soon became involved in politics and very involved in event cades even tried a couple real cades. The flag made many accomplishments and will continue to do so. Its members also went on some became good at the game others rich and yet many found something far more important than these they found a home and friends and ultimately family. That's what this flag is that is what it represents a closely knit family. We will continue to grow together and learn. Some will come and go but those who matter stay and stay true to the end and even when they have to leave cause we all grow up sometime there will always be those memories and that history between us. We will continue to go on and laugh and learn and grow. The question is will you join us? We are open to all alliances and any crews to join us. We accept crews no matter how big or small however don't come in expecting to be royalty this is a family and being such you have to find your place in it and be in it for a while before you can even think of royalty. Those who are royalty have been here since the begining. We are not interested in numbers of the crew we look for two things the quality of the people in the flag as human beings and their quality as a player in the game the first being far more important to us than the last one. That also being said in the past we accepted all alliances from flags in all shapes and forms however we are now only considering alliances that will be usefull to us in some way or another whether in jobbing support your allies past flaggies that made their own flag ect bottom line allies with meaning which we ourselfs aim to be to those whom we are allies with. We also love all aspects of the game especially event blockades so if you're daring and want to find a place to grow and maybe even belong then welcome to the Continuum!

Alliance Policy

The Continuum is open to all alliances. This does not mean they will accept all, but they will keep an open mind about all flags trying to ally with them. If you would like to ally please contact Hollistermod or a royal. Please do not send random alliance proposals.

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