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The Black Hunters

From YPPedia

The Black Hunters at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Pednuno
Senior Officer(s) Bambiraptor, Bananabread, Belladonna, Bryan, Clusen, Cobra, Coolflower, Dragoon, Elegance, Foxmccloud, Hugefleet, Jekar, Kas, Kial, Ozzimendo, Reddutches, Seablades, Shadowmitsu, Sittingduck, Speckle, Suyo, Suyong, Toilet, Tsunamy, Winterbaby
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 21 April, 2006
Disbanded as of 16 August, 2007

The Black Hunters was an idependent crew that sailed the Hunter Ocean.



The Black Hunters was founded on 21 April, 2006.

By August of 2007 the crew had disbanded.

Public Statement

The Black Hunters. We are not hiring.

Crew Articles

  1. PTB (permission to board) needed.
  2. The left over PoE after restock belongs to the Comanding Officer.
  3. The Comanding Officer must restock the vessel with the initial stuff.
  4. Vessel's owner should put his name on officers news, as the restock they pretend on His/her vessel.
  5. Port the vessel in the same island you deported. Leaving it port at an uncolonized island will put you in trouble.

Promotion Requirements

Talk to me. I will check yer stats. Note that you can only be promoted with lack of stats if I trust you.

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