Gaea Island (Cerulean)

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Gaea Island
Favicon.png Gaea Island on the Cerulean Ocean
Large island in the Emerald Archipelago
Gaea Island (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Otherworld  
Governed by   Mupple
Navy color   Brown
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Pets-Sheep colors.png
Sheepish Lefty (native)
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Pets-Sheep colors.png
Sheepish Righty (native)
Outpost Medium Large
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Gaea Island is a large island located in the Emerald Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Wrasse Island and Epsilon Island.

Gaea is also home to Sheepish Lefty, a black sheep.

Natural resources

This island spawns hemp and sugar cane. These resources can be bid on at the market.


While there are hints of a "Mother Earth" theme, in practice, Gaea does not have a consistent naming scheme.

Vial Concoctions (bazaar)
Earth Tones (upgraded)
Earth Elixirs (upgraded)
Loot and Laurels (upgraded)
Commodities market 
Gaea's Greens
Atlas Chugged (bazaar)
Mother Earths Rum Shack (upgraded)
Red Rum (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Earth Movers
Bed-Rocks and Broomsticks (bazaar)
Plant a Futon Dry Land
Chateau du PoE (right-facing estate)
Cozy Caverns (right-facing cabin)
Dirt-Poor Dwellings (left-facing shack)
Earth and Home (left-facing manor)
Earthen Hollow (right-facing pirate hall)
Evergreen Terrace (left-facing row house)
Gaea's Gallery (left-facing gallery)
Earth Cavern Tavern
Iron monger 
Mother Lode (bazaar)
Gaea Palace (upgraded)
Berth Mother (bazaar)
Field of Breams (upgraded)
Mast Destruction (upgraded) [Dusted]
Mother of the Seas (upgraded)
Gaean Garments (bazaar)
Atlantis (upgraded)
Gaea Paree [Dusted]
Off The Rock (upgraded)
Picking Knits (bazaar)
Mossy Materials
Dusted buildings
Terran Wear (tailor) - dusted April 2009
Earthly Spirits (distillery)
Dye Me A River (apothecary)
Six Boots Under (upgraded tailor)
Oh For Frig Sake (upgraded shipyard)
Taproot (upgraded distillery)
Living Colour (apothecary)
Earthly Exchange (trading post)
Earthen Threads (upgraded tailor)
Ferocious Temper (upgraded iron monger)
Mast Hysteria (upgraded shipyard)
Phoenix Furnishings (furnisher)
What Looms Ahead (upgraded weavery)
Knot as it Seams (upgraded weavery)
Royal Fabrics (upgraded weavery)
To Be or Knot To Be (upgraded weavery)
Weaving the Warp Fantastic (weavery)
Heavy Metal (upgraded Iron monger)
Point Made (Iron monger)


Gaea Island was originally located on the Midnight Ocean. Gaea Island is named after Gaia, the Greek goddess of the earth.

The Gaea Island monument is located directly south of the shipyard bazaar.

Gaea I — 2004-06-25, Gaea was attacked by the Mercenaries, who were soundly defeated by Vilya with the help of Imperio. Gaea I was the first blockade featuring a mercenary crew, establishing the standard of payment for blockade jobbers.

Gaea II — 2004-11-13, Gaea was taken in nine rounds by No Homers, twenty-nine weeks after it was first available for blockade.

Gaea III — 2005-02-27, No Homers defended the island against Carpe Nox in a three round sinking blockade. Carpe Nox was aided by Scallywag Syndicate.

Gaea IV — 2005-04-23, an event blockade was declared on Gaea by Yes Homers. The attacking flag was immediately disbanded.

2005-05-26, No Homers changed its name to Lost Legion, retaining control of Gaea.

2005-07-24, Gaea was ceded to Heavens Aligned.

Gaea V — 2005-08-13, Notorious Fandango took Gaea in a three-round non-sinking blockade. Heavens Aligned, who chose to contest Lagniappe Island simultaneously, hired Morgan's Marauders for its defense. The defenders only contested round 1.

Gaea VI — 2005-09-17, Notorious Fandango held an event blockade to give away Gaea Island. Seraph's Nightmare won the event, taking control of the island.

Gaea VII — 2005-12-03, Avalon won the island from Seraph's Nightmare in a four round sinking blockade. Avalon dropped on Gaea as a counter to four chests being dropped simultaneously on Avalon owned islands by Seraph's Nightmare and its allies.

Gaea VIII — 2007-01-21, Avalon defended the island against Blighted in a five round sinking blockade. Blighted conceded at the end of round three after running out of ships.

Gaea IX — 2008-03-29, Morgan's Marauders took the island from Avalon in a three round sinking blockade.

Gaea X — 2009-02-22, Nova Scorpius declared a blockade on Gaea against Morgan's Marauders. Suspecting an island transfer, Suntne Vacci Laeti also dropped a chest. Nova Scorpius won the island in a four round non-sinking blockade.

Gaea XI — 2009-03-15, Nova Scorpius defended the island from Menaces in a three round sinking blockade. Menaces pulled out of the blockade after only one round.

Gaea XII — 2009-05-23, Riot took the island uncontested from Nova Scorpius in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Gaea XIII — 2010-05-22, Blood and Roses took the island uncontested from Riot in a three round sinking blockade. Riot offered a bounty for sunk Blood and Roses ships but none are claimed.

Gaea XIV — 2010-11-21, Blood and Roses successfully defended the island against Perpetual Bounty in a three round non-sinking blockade.

Gaea XV — 2011-12-17, Bipolar defeated Blood and Roses in a four round non-sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Gaea XVI — 2012-1-21, Bipolar successfully defended the island against the Brigand King Gretchen Goldfang.

Gaea XVII — 2012-3-3, Bipolar scuttled The All-Consuming Flame who blockaded and took the island in an uncontested blockade.

Gaea XVIII — 2012-3-10, What The Falchion successfully took control of the island from the Brigand King Azarbad the Great.

Gaea XIX — 2012-5-26, Otherworld successfully took control of the island from the What the Falchion in an exciting five round blockade.

Gaea XX — 2013-1-27, Otherworld successfully defended the island from The Art of War, winning the first two rounds. Art of War withdrew before the third round.