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Otherworld at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Howee of The Night Owls
Member crew(s) Cloak and Daggers, THE CREW THAT ROCKS, Dark River, Grey Death Legion, Loose Cannons, Mad Mutineers, Memmers Only, Midnight's Terrors, The Night Owls, The Otherworlders, Teschio e Ossa
Organization Autocratic
Islands controlled

Gaea Island
Meke Island

Founded 11 August, 2004
Allies A Plus Pirates, Auctorita, Blackstar, Capsized, Cold Steel, Crimson Tide, Dead Ahead, Defiantly Deviant, Last Exile, Lost In Translation, The Moon Beckons, The Royal Fleet, Sazanami, Twisted Fate, Victory Raiders, White Lighting
Wars None
Last updated on 17 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Otherworld is a moderate sized flag based in the Emerald Archipelago of the Cerulean Ocean, formerly the Meridian Ocean. The collective crews of Otherworld include those of the Loose Cannons, Teschio e Ossa, The Night Owls, and Mad Mutineers. The crew Loose Cannons, The Night Owls, and Mad Mutineers are the primarily active crews, whilst Teschio e Ossa and Gray Death Legion have fallen into dormancy.

Public statement

Come with us and we'll take you to an Otherworld.

Extended public statement

Breath fails and the river waits; your ferryman is ready to grant you passage to the Otherworld. An unnaturally warm mist surrounds you like an embrace as your frail guide pushes the barge away from the shore. Minutes pass with neither shore in sight, but you aren't worried. You find yourself more relaxed than you can remember.

As the barge touches the opposite shore, the ferryman tells you "You are home now."

Standing there, looking at the new life before you, you know he is right.

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The flag name was born out of religious myth of the ancient Celts. Otherworld was a well established, magical-narrative vision, the outline of which was summarised by Bromwich as `an island kingdom of perpetual youth and unending fertility, typified by its abundant apple trees, which is presided over by women'.

Medira became the founding monarch and first captain of the Loose Cannons upon her departure from the first incarnation of Imperio. Originally meant as a temporary measure, the Loose Cannons became a haven for the alts of Medira's close friends who wanted to escape for a little while from the upheaval that was taking place within her old flag. The Loose Cannons remained a pretty active alt crew until the birth of Avalon, when the focus shifted to supporting and building up the new flag.

Despite offers to rejoin Avalon, Medira chose to keep Otherworld for a while and regain contact with Captain Redruth of the Bloody Scoundrels and Captain Fersboo of Teschio e Ossa, who were her mentors when she originally joined the game. It wasn't long before the two captains joined Medira as princes of the flag.

During the winter of 2005 the monarch, Queen Medira, left the game, due to real life issues. The crews of flag Otherworld foundered in the wake of their missing Monarch and slowly went their separate ways.

Around spring of 2005, Chancy came forward and upon getting into contact with the departed queen (an old friend), received the crew responsibilities and shops from Medira. Chancy then became Captain of the Loose Cannons, while Horns (a member of the Bloody Scoundrels at that time) took over as king, since Redruth and Chancy didn't wish to take the crown and Fersboo had also left the game because life took over.

Before long, Horns became inactive, so with the sponsorship of Redruth, Chancy was made royalty as a prince of the flag whereupon he actively sought to re-establish the monarchy of the flag. Due to certain delays, the vote was not carried out till the fall of 2005 whereupon he was awarded the scepter of flag authority...the Golden Plank.

Sometime before the end of spring, 2007 Chancy made overtures through his diplomat Lothias to the crew of The Night Owls, for adoption into flag of Otherworld. The Night Owls were and are long time friends of Otherworld and more pointedly of the crew of the Loose Cannons. But Chancy had problems with granting the newly recognized captain of The Night Owls as a member of the Royalty due to the absence of Prince Redruth. After long lapses in the communications betwixt Chancy and Redruth, no progress was made thus forcing Chancy to beseech the help of the OM's to intervene on behalf of struggling monarch for vote resolution. Redruth's unavailability forced his status as prince to be judged as not viable and thereby removed as a prince of the flag. This cleared the way for Chancy to carry the vote on behalf of Captain Howee to become Prince Howee of flag Otherworld.

Due to pressures both within and without the game, Monarch Chancy in the summer of 2009 stepped down as captain of the crew of the Loose Cannons and past the captaincy on to Marmy, then Chancy took up the position of senior officer that was vacated by the ascension of Marmy to her new rank.

On March 5th 2010, Captain Redruth rejoined flag Otherworld and the Bloody Scoundrels once again shows proudly upon the flag roster. It was Redruth's intentions to rebuild the Scoundrels to its once former glory and become an influence on the Midnight Ocean again.

On March 6th 2010 flag Otherworld embarked upon an historic venture, the blockading and taking of the capital island of the Coral Archipelago, Delta Island. With the help of flags Cold Steel and Blood and Roses they successfully wrested the island from flag Bipolar and fought off the other contender for the island flag Mystery Core. What darkened this otherwise stellar day was the abdication of Chancy from the throne of flag Otherworld. Chancy, with the help of the council of royals of flag Otherworld bestowed the sceptre of officer the coveted golden plank upon his loyal first mate and diplomat Lothias.

On March 27th 2010 flag Otherworld was gifted Meke Island from the now defunct flag Water Sleeps. The last remaining active crew of the flag Water Sleeps, Mad Mutineers also set sail and joined with flag Otherworld.

On March 29th 2010, it was decided after the difficulties of prepping and naving the various ships for the Meke Blockade, that a War Crew was needed in the event of future blockades. In honor of the founder of the flag, Medira who dissolved her crew in favor of the Loose Cannons, the new crew was named Dark River and its members are alts from every member of the flag with the monarch as captain.

On October 8th 2010, the crew of the Puzzling Drunks joined flag Otherworld. They are a relatively new crew and were looking for a flag to garner experience in whilst learning the game and the ways of the old Midnight Ocean.

On January 1st 2011 the crew of the Puzzling Drunks left flag Otherworld for Riot, and we wish them all luck in their new flag.

On February 2nd 2011 Bloody Scoundrels left Otherworld for new adventures

On February 10th Lothias Stepped down as Monarch of the flag Otherworld

On February 15th, Gelflord the new monarch of flag Otherworld was crowned.

On May 5th, 2012 Flag Otherworld won Gaea from What the Falchion in an exciting five-round blockade. Later in May of 2012 Gelflord handed over the crown to Marmy

In September 2012 Marmy stepped down as monarch and passed the crown to Howee.

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