Blood and Roses

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Blood and Roses at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Lj of White Rose
Member crew(s) Bloody Roses, Delphinus, Heavens to Mergatroy, Insane Asylum, Marauding Maniacs, passion for blood, Polly Free, White Rose
Founded 1 October, 2007
Dormant as of 21 January, 2012
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Blood and Roses is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. It was founded on October 1st 2007.

History of the flag

Blood and Roses was formed in October 2007 as a means for White Rose to keep Vernal Equinox when they broke away from Moonlighting. Angara was made King, and the captain of WR, Lj, was made the second royal.

The flag expands

On December 4th 2007 Voyage of the Damned joined the flag and Blood and Roses changed from just being a way to keep Vernal Equinox to a "real" flag.

January 27th another crew joined the flag; Viking Asylum and then Winter Gales joined on February 3rd 2008.

Heavens to Mergatroy joined a month later, on March 2nd 2008.

A parliament established

Their leadership team includes all titled and royal members. The entire team is included in decisions made by the flag. Any of the titled or royal members may be contacted for alliances, treaties, or if a crew is searching for a flag.

Future of the flag

Their goal is to provide an environment for pirates to grow, thrive, and experience all the game has to offer. They look to maintain a low maintenance flag where everyone has fun and can play a part if desired.

Public statement

Welcome to Blood and Roses! Always looking for new crews, speak to any Royal or Titled if you are interested in joining us.

Extended public statement

Our leadership team includes all Titled and Royal members. Any of the Titled or Royal members may be contacted for alliances, treaties, or if you are a crew searching for a flag.

We do not like alliance spammers, so if you are one know that you will only get a /wardec in return unless you talk to us first.

We have a website at If you are a new flagmate, please sign up and learn more about the flag!


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Endurance IX

When Voyage of the Damned joined Blood and Roses, both crews (VotA and White Rose) in the flag had ties to Endurance Island (some were homed there - and some owned shoppes/stalls on the island).

Since it was ruled by a Azarbad the Great at the time the taxes was set at 100%, so the flag decided to kick the Brigand King out to get reasonable taxes, a new island - and some good old blockade fun.

Only two weeks after that decision, they attacked Endurance and won the island.


After the conquest of Endurance, Blood and Roses looked around for another island to attack. Nu was a very tempting target since it was close to Endurance which opened up several tactical advantages.

But since it was owned at the time by Spirit of the Game, friends of several people Blood and Roses, it was not pursued. But when the Brigand King Admiral Finius won the island - and SotG had no intensions on getting it back - Blood and Roses took the chance and only five days after the decision to attack, the island was blockaded and won.

Endurance X

About six months after Azarbad the Great had been kicked out from Endurance, he decided to try to take it back. After his fleet has been sitting in Opal for a week, he finally made his move and dropped on the island.

On June 29th 2008 an armada of Arabic ships were sighted outside Endurance, but after a heroic defence by Blood and Roses and their friends, he was fought off and the island was safe again.

Endurance XI

After a "surprise" drop on Endurance from The Widow Queen (she was one out of five flotillas surviving the week) a new battle took place outside the port of the island on September 7th 2008.

It was a long, hard fight (where B&R won round #2, #4 & #5), but in the end Blood & Roses prevailed.

Wrasse VII

After four BK blockades, Blood and Roses wanted to a real PvP blockade so they started planning for one not long after Endurance XI. The next several months was a lot of planning, getting stock, a new fleet ready for action (and moving it to Wrasse).

On January 23rd they dropped on Wrasse for a blockade the next day.

After two well fought rounds Cold Steel decided to pull out and the third round was just a matter of flag sitting.

Wrasse VIII

One month after loosing Wrasse, Cold Steel decided to come back and reclaim it. Blood and Roses made it sinking and a very tight blockade started on February 21st 2009. After five rounds, Cold Steel stood victorious. All the five rounds were very close in points.

Guava XIV

When Folie Circulaire gave their five islands to BK's, Blood and Roses decided to take Guava from the Widow Queen's greedy hands. B&R was the first flag out with an intent of the five islands - and the first to blockade. The attackers made sure they covered points at the same time as killing off BK ships, which made them win every round - and the island.

Guava XV

Tyr's Own wanted some blockade action with a new dance partner and they found Blood and Roses who willing invited them over. After a fun blockade, TO stood as the new owner of Guava.


Blood and Roses attacked Gaea but Riot did not defend the island, instead placed a bounty on ships during the blockade. Several flags came out to play, but none were able to sink any Blood and Roses ships.


Tyr's Own attack under the Ragnarok plan. Nu was lost to Tyr's Own. Riot dropped forcing the blockade to be sinking.

Blockades at a glance

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 16 December 2007 Endurance IX Attacking colonized Yes The All-Consuming Flame vs. Blood and Roses 0:3 Won island
2 9 March 2008 Nu XV Attacking colonized Yes Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness vs. Blood and Roses 0:3 Won island
3 29 June 2008 Endurance X Defending colonized Yes Blood and Roses vs. The All-Consuming Flame 3:0 Defended island
4 07 September 2008 Endurance XI Defending colonized Yes Blood and Roses vs. Black Veil 3:2 Defended island
5 25 January 2009 Wrasse VII Attacking colonized No Cold Steel vs. Blood and Roses 0:3 Won island
6 21 Febuary 2009 Wrasse VIII Defending colonized Yes Blood and Roses vs. Cold Steel 2:3 Lost island
7 3 October 2009 Guava XIV Attacking colonized Yes Black Veil vs. Blood and Roses 0:3 Won island
8 7 November 2009 Guava XV Defending colonized No Blood and Roses vs. Tyr's Own 1:3 Lost island
9 22 May 2010 Gaea XIII Attacking colonized Yes vs. Blood and Roses 0:3 Won island
10 23 May 2010 Nu XVI Defending colonized Yes Blood and Roses vs. Tyr's Own 0:3 Lost island
11 6 November 2010 Endurance XII Defending colonized yes Blood and Roses vs. Chthonic Horde 3:0 Defended island
12 6 November 2010 Vernal Equinox II Defending colonized no Blood and Roses vs. Tyr's Own 0:3 Lost island

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