Morgan's Marauders

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Morgan's Marauders at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Wheels of Wolf's Dragoons
Member crew(s) Menacing Storm, Omnibus Praedis, Wolf's Dragoons
Founded 18 July, 2005
Virtually dormant as of 27 February, 2012
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Morgan's Marauders is currently a virtually dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. Wheels, of Wolf's Dragoons, is the monarch.


They owned Delta Island, which they won in a blockade on October 13th, 2007. Wheels, the captain of Wolf's Dragoons, governed Delta.

They also owned Gaea Island which they successfully won from Avalon on March 28th, 2008. The king of the flag at the time, Redwoolphe, was Governor of Gaea.

Public statement

Thanks to all that helped us Defend Delta!

Extended public statement

Come have some fun with us! And chocolate fer all!


It's about good mates and good pillages, having fun!

If yer crew is interested in joining this flag so we can all help each other on pillages and joint goals, please contact Redwoolphe or Wheels.

Articles of unified piracy

This is a document in progress and will be changed as the need arises.

First and foremost, this crew and flag were started by Red and his real life family and we wish to keep it that way. We would love ye to come and join us and have fun!

1. Decision making


The monarch has one vote. Redwoolphe is the permanent monarch for as long as he decides to hold it.


  • Because of game mechanics and to keep the vote reasonable we will have no more than a total of 6 Royals in the flag.
  • Each royal position has one vote.
  • If a royal position becomes available, an active crew may apply for the position to the remaining royals.
  • Active is defined by the current Royals, based on main characters, not alts.
  • Royals must be active on the forums. Major decisions will be presented and discussed there.


  • There is a minimum 2 week trial period after a crew joins the flag.
  • After a trial period a new crew will have one titled position.
  • Each crew may work toward having more titled positions. These can be requested from the current royal/titled who will discuss it on the forum in the appropriate area. Decision will be based on flag contributions as above.
  • Titled pirates are the representatives of the crews and can voice themselves on the forum in the appropriate area.

2. A flag council will help the smooth running of the flag.

  • Departments will be set up to assist in spreading the work of running the flag. Suggestions at this time: Events, Diplomacy, War, Commerce, Communication.
  • There will be one person in charge of each category, with help and support by a staff of volunteers if needed.
  • The person in charge should be either royal or titled for good communications.

*The flag forum will be moving to a new and hopefully easier run location and sectioned more conveniently for each crew and the flag.

3. Loyalty and support to crew and flag.

  • The reason we come together as crews and flags is to support each other and help one another.


  • Check with your crew then flag if any pillages are under way and if they have space for you to join. Then feel free to join pillages from hearties or from the board.
  • If you are on a pillage and your crew or flag starts one, stay with the pillage you are on. You have made a pillage time commitment to the one you joined and should finish it first.


  • When we sail our ships into a blockade or helping allies; flag mates are expected to come and help.
  • The more loyalty and support you how the flag, the more successful the flag will be.


  • A donation is what you want to give to the flag in whatever form you wish to give. Whether it be poe, ships, stock or in some other form.
  • We don’t require anyone to give to the flag, but please remember this is a donation and is now part of the flag’s resources to do achieve flag goals.

Ask not what your flag can do for you; ask what you can do for your flag.

  • Loyalty and support to the flag will be rewarded wherever possible.
  • Flag shops need labor – many give discounts if asked. It is expected that flag members will actively support flag shops/stalls with labor and purchases.

4. Respect.

  • We are here to play together and help each other, please show respect to each other.
  • Team play is what we are all about.

5. Communication

  • All senior officers must be on the flag forum and actively check for messages so that questions and answers may be easily passed back and forth. Any FO interested in flag or crew leadership must also be active on the forums.
  • The forum will also be used for planning and furthering the goals of the flag.
  • If you have questions or concerns please go to those in charge and voice your concerns instead of holding them inside or bandying them about to each other.

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