Gaea Island monument

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The Gaea Island monument is located directly south of Berth Mother.

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Gaea Island was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Garf under the auspices of the flag Rudder Revolution.

It was home to these allied crews:
188 in Rudder Lubbers of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
117 in Puzzle Pirates Academy of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
36 in Six Leagues Under of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
32 in Rudder Duckies of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
16 in Booty Lubbers of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
14 in Crusading Cavaliers of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
11 in Rudder Rebels of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
11 in Galatians Six-Seven of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
5 in Rudder Rampage of the flag "Rudder Revolution"

It was home to these independent crews:
37 in Pirates offline Topiced of the flag "Pirates offline Topiced"
30 in The Sagely Swashbucklers of the flag "Omniscience"
27 in The Jolly Pirates of the flag "Rum Punchdrunks"
22 in Skull Crushers of the flag "Black Plague"
14 in Birds Of Plunder of the flag "Perfect Plunder"
10 in Kicked Out of Hell
10 in The Seven Lances
9 in Roughnecks of the flag "Dream Reapers"
9 in Sregnir Daerd
8 in Kat's Killers of the flag "Black Pearl"
8 in Death Or Glory
7 in The Lost Boys of the flag "Neverland"
5 in The Jovial Pirates of the flag "Rum Punchdrunks"
5 in Death Mantas of the flag "Black Mantas"
4 in RouteSixSixSix
4 in Underworld Vampires of the flag "Blood'n'Ashes"
4 in Rose's Raiders of the flag "The Raiders"
4 in Dangeresque Two
3 in Pleasure Pirates of the flag "Pepperoni Imperium"
3 in Ships Guhoy
3 in The Snow Pirates
3 in P-I-G-S of the flag "The Infidels"
3 in Die Wilden Lilien of the flag "Botanical Mist"
3 in Chromulant Carousers
3 in The salty Sea Pirates of the flag "The Sedated Scallawags"