Seraph's Nightmare

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Seraph's Nightmare at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Limbless of Pennies From Heaven
Member crew(s) The Heretics, The Lost Buoys, Pennies From Heaven, Pitch Black, Suckerpunch, United Pillagers
Organization Autocracy. Monarch makes decisions with input from the council.
Founded 5 October, 2004
dormant as of 27 February, 2012
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Seraph's Nightmare is a flag on the Midnight Ocean. It was founded on the 5th of October, 2004.


Seraph's Nightmare was formed by the crew Children of the Damned, after they left the flag Rogues' Pact in September 2004. Eventually, all but one of the former crews (Unforgiven) of Rogues' Pact joined Seraph's Nightmare, and Hephaestus' Forge was transferred to Seraph's Nightmare.

Aside from the change in name and loss of a crew, there are other differences between the two flags. Internally, Seraph's Nightmare works as an autocracy, as opposed to Rogues' Pact, which was a representative democracy. Seraph's Nightmare also chose not to renew Rogues' Pact's alliance with Crimson Tide, instead choosing to aid Imperio with their goal of recapturing Spring Island from Avalon. This decision shaped much of Seraph's Nightmare's early political policy, and greatly distanced them from Crimson Tide, who backed two unsuccessful blockades against Hephaestus' Forge.

Seraph's Nightmare later acquired several crews not involved in the events of Rogues' Pact, including Thicker Than Blood, Corsairs of Umbar, and Champions of Valhalla.

Seraph's Nightmare acquired Gaea Island in an event blockade run by Notorious Fandango. They lost it 3 months later to Avalon, who attacked as a counter to a 4-pronged blockade by Tyr's Own, Black Sheep Brigade, Black Rose, and Seraph's Nightmare.

Public Statement

Welcome to the Nightmare.

Ahoy mates! This is Seraph's Nightmare, founded by relatively ancient mariners who've seen enough to know what we want in a flag, and bold enough to think we can do it. We're essentially an autocratic flag, with some assistance from our overworked and underpaid council. If ye are interested in an alliance or joining with us, we'll be glad to give ye the rundown on what we're all about.

Note that we do not accept uninvited alliance requests, and will usually respond with a war declaration. Please contact a Royal if you are interested in forming an alliance with us.

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