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Terran Wear

From YPPedia

Terran Wear
Right-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Gaea Island (Emerald Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Beryl
Manager(s) Dixie, Lucretzia, Parka
Erected October 2003
Dusted April 2009

Terran Wear was an upgraded tailor shoppe on Gaea Island, in the Midnight Ocean's Emerald Archipelago. Originally owned by Zarhirra on the Azure Ocean, it was owned by Mnemosyne from December 2003 to Febuary 2004 and Beryl from February 2004 onwards.

The shoppe gained popularity among players and notoriety among the Dread Ringers due to Beryl's practice of keeping tremendous quantities of ready-to-wear clothing for sale on the rack, to the point where it would often cause the clients of unlucky customers to crash. Although several other tailors have adopted the practice since then, Terran Wear's rack selection remains top tier.

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