Suntne Vacci Laeti

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Suntne Vacci Laeti at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Arcticchick of Not a War Crew
Member crew(s) All Hands, Not a War Crew
Founded 21 January, 2009
Dormant as of 27 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Suntne Vacci Laeti is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean. It was founded on 21st January, 2009 by the crew Gone Shootin' after they left the flag Midnight Marauders.

Public statement

"Suntne Vacci Laeti" translated means "Are your cows happy?"

Rent has been set back to it's standard rate on Tinga :)

If you wish to speak to the governor and shes not around please see and check the Tinga section!

Guest posting has been enabled so that you can post without needing to register, however please remember to leave your pirate name so that we can get back to you!

Visit our flag forums found at to sign up and get updated on latest news!

This flag runs a "payment for war declaration" policy. If you have recieved a wardec and are wondering why, feel free to ask.


Only 10 days after their conception, Suntne Vacci Laeti were forced into their first blockade when the proposed island transfer through petition from Midnight Marauders fell through due to a warchest being dropped by Don't Panic. Suntne Vacci Laeti won the blockade in three rounds to allow the pirates that first freed Iris Island from Brigand King rule to continue their ownership.

Suntne Vacci Laeti had their go at a second blockade on the 22nd February 2009, when they attempted to stop a suspected island transfer from Morgan's Marauders to Nova Scorpius. Despite being out jobbed for most of the blockade they managed to win one round, but had to pull out between rounds 3 and 4 due to too few jobbers.

Suntne Vacci Laeti won their second island on the 14th March 2009, when they counter dropped on Tinga against Fairwinds. Avalon, the defender, who are now mostly defunct did not defend, but pledged their support to Suntne Vacci Laeti over Fairwinds. Despite a couple of close rounds the island was won in 3 rounds.

In August 2009 Davsbrander decided it was time to step down as monarch due to reduced play time as he was returning to university. Towards the end of 2009 the pirates that ran Suntne Vacci Laeti decided it was time to call it a day, this was mainly due to reduced play time because of new jobs or university commitments. It was decided that the two islands won by Suntne Vacci Laeti were to be left, and to be tended by the now ex Suntne Vacci Laeti members.

In April 2010 a Brigand King's flotilla dropped a war chest on Tinga Island, but the island was defended successfully. Finally in June 2010 Mystery Core blockaded Tinga Island and won it from Suntne Vacci Laeti in three rounds. The ex pirates of Suntne Vacci Laeti came out to give Mystery Core some fun at the blockade but decided it would be best to let a new bunch of players take on the island.

Iris Island is still held by Suntne Vacci Laeti and the governor Davsbrander is reputed to have said it shall remain so until someone wrests it from his cold dead hands. Three flags have tried this so far, all of them new to blockading but none have been successful. It is hoped that all three flags have learned valuable lessons from their experiences.


  • 21-01-2009 to 21-08-2009 Davsbrander
  • 21-08-2009 onwards the flag ran with three royals but no monarch.
  • Articchick, an alt, is currently the caretaker monarch and has been since the remaining pirates went their separate ways.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 31 January 2009 Iris II Attacking no Midnight Marauders vs. Don't Panic, Suntne Vacci Laeti 0:0:3 Won island
2 22 February 2009 Gaea X Attacking no Morgan's Marauders vs. Suntne Vacci Laeti, Nova Scorpius 0:1:3 Didn't win island
3 14 March 2009 Tinga XII Attacking yes Avalon vs. Fairwinds , Suntne Vacci Laeti 0:0:3 Won island
4 7 February 2010 Iris III Defending no Suntne Vacci Laeti vs. Military of Defence 3:0 Defended island
5 3 April 2010 Tinga XIII Defending yes Suntne Vacci Laeti vs. The All-Consuming Flame 3:2 Defended island
6 3 April 2010 Iris IV Defending no Suntne Vacci Laeti vs. Legends 3:0 Defended island
7 27 June 2010 Tinga XIV Defending yes Suntne Vacci Laeti vs. Mystery Core 0:3 Lost island
8 11 July 2010 Iris V Defending yes Suntne Vacci Laeti vs. Night and Day 3:0 Defended island

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