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Crimson Tide

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This is an article about a Cerulean Ocean flag. For the Sage Ocean flag, see Crimson Tide (Sage).
Crimson Tide at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Yearbook of Pirates of the Damned
Member crew(s) Arctic Blades, Black Lightning, Black Spots, Booty Lubbers, The Cartographers, Cookie Pirates, The Crewe, Crimson Sails, Dark Strike, Dead Pirates Society, Fed Booty Investigation, Heart of War, Innocent, Iron Pyrites, The Legends, Loaded Dice, Malice in Wonderland, Marine Knights, One Oor in the Water, Pirates of the Damned, Poe Hunterz, Range Rovers, Ransack Marauders, Sanguine Justice, Shattered Moon, Silver Dolphins, Wanderin' Wenches, White Wynds
Islands controlled

Xi Island
Angelfish Island

Founded 12 August, 2003
Allies A Plus Pirates, Babylon, Blood and Roses, Carpe Noctem, Cold Steel, Deviant Chronicles, End of the Line, Evolution, Liberty Hull, Morgan's Marauders, Obsessed, Otherworld, Rodger Me Hearty, Shooting Stars, Victory Raiders
Wars None
Last updated on 5 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Crimson Tide.jpg

Crimson Tide is one of the oldest flags in the world of Puzzle Pirates. The original founding date on the Azure Ocean is approximately August 12, 2003. It held Xi on Azure, and later conquered Alpha and Epsilon (this took place during the brief re-opening of Azure for blockade testing).


Public statement

Time and tide will wait for no man, saith the adage. But all men have to wait for time and tide.

Extended public statement

If your crew would like to join the flag, please read the following page: (deleted). After doing so, if you are still interested, please speak to Yearbook, Fannon or Rome. For all other information, including alliance requests, please see Yearbook or Fannon. A monarch, when good, is entitled to the consideration which we accord to a pirate who keeps sunday school between crimes; when bad, he is entitled to none at all. - Mark Twain

Founded for the second time on the Midnight Ocean, it is one of the largest flags on the Cerulean Ocean. The flag governed Xi Island for over four years, from the time it opened to colonization until it was lost to Dies Irae in September 2008; however, it was reclaimed in January 2009. After flag merges with The Uprising and Dark Judgement, Crimson Tide took over the role of custodians of Angelfish Island and Lagniappe Island. Lagniappe was briefly lost to Midnight Marauders, but recaptured soon after. Midsummer was taken from Riot in a blockade on March 21, 2010.


Crimson Tide is a benign oligarchy led by its royalty. The crowns are placed on the heads of representatives of the founding crews, as well as those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to the flag. Confess governs Midsummer, Gummyworm governs Angelfish, Rome governs Xi Island, and Yearbook governs Jorvik.

Current governing body


To view the history of this Flag, click Show.

Forums thread references

Blockades at a glance

Note: Crimson Tide won two blockades on the Azure ocean against Vilya in testing, winning Alpha and Epsilon.

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