Black Lightning

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Black Lightning at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Dolgansghost
Senior Officer(s) Dolgan, Geminia
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Broadsiders
Founded 20 March, 2005
Last updated on 1 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Black Lightning is a crew sailing on the Cerulean Ocean.


Black Lightning was founded on March 20, 2005 by captain Dolgan. Black Lightning makes its home in the Pearl Archipelago. They own Needles in the Sand, a tailor; Bountiful Bolts, a weavery; and Pebbly Pills, an apothecary; on Zeta Island.

Most of the crew's leadership came from the former flag Of Convenience. That flag then split off into the flag Calm Wake (among others), which eventually formed the crew Black Lightning.

On October 26, 2005, Black Lightning and White Rose formed the flag The Free Musketeers. After several months, each crew went its separate ways, and the flag was dissolved. Black Lightning is now a member of the Broadsiders.

Public statement

We play to have fun, relax and enjoy ourselves in the company of our friends.

TO ALL JOBBERS: Welcome aboard. We are a large and growing crew. We are a family type of crew that love the company of one another. We play to have fun, relax and make poe. If ye are interested in a permanent position with us, see one of our officers. Please be careful with your language. If you do leave during a battle, or have to be planked, then you will be docked poe upon the booty split.

Note about any blood pillaged :- For sloop pillages, the proceeds of the blood will be paid after divvying, to those who won the blood, using the /pay command. If they have logged off, we will make sure they get the poe one way or another. For War Brig+ pillages, the docksale sale of the blood will be added to the booty prior to splitting CREW RANKS

Promotion requirements


Ye must be a subscriber (the game will not allow us to promote ye if ye are not)


Officer in Training (OiT's are allowed to sail only training/allocated sloops without the supervision of a ranking Officer if a Senior Officer has given the OK for it.):

  • Have solid experience in ALL the duty puzzle ratings (Carp, Bilge and Sails),
  • Be involved in crew functions and activities, on the forums and in the game,
  • Show a willingness to put the Crew's needs ahead of your own
  • Go through a phase of training, including a hands on tutorial of running a ship,
  • Maintain a minimum of Master in Bilge, Sails, and Carpentry.
Fleet Officer

Take a Senior Officer or the Captain on a successful pillage trip.

Success being defined as:

  • Having at least 500 Poe left after restocking the ship,
  • Commanding the ship competently,
  • Showing a friendly attitude, though firm, in commanding jobbers/pirates,
  • Trip should encompass at least three sea battles.
Senior Officer

Nominated, seconded and voted on by the SO's and the Captain,

Takes the brigs out regularly on recruiting runs,

Involved in actively running the crew smoothly, helping in ANY way deemed necessary.