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Moonlighting at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Flutie of Floating Circus
Member crew(s) Floating Circus, Huggles, Salty Crackers, Stolen Angels
Founded 27 October, 2004
Dormant as of 3 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Moonlighting is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean.

Public statement

It is the beginning of a new era for Moonlighting!

Moonlighting has decided to start a new chapter in its history. We have decided to shed the old image and create a new on that retains the family feel we all desire. We wish all of our members past and present the best of luck in their new directions.

To our allies, we will always be here for you whether we are large or small.

To those who do not know us, we invite you to come in and sit a spell. We will emerge from this all reborn...into a flag that is more than just a flag....into a family. Our loyalty is with you. We are here to first and foremost - have fun. We are always looking to expand our flag so, if you feel that your crew would fit in well with the mates in this flag, send a tell to the monarch, one of the royalty or a titled member and tell them you are considering joining our flag.

You are welcome to browse our forums @



The monarch, Flutie, is the main leader of the flag.


Royalty vote on all issues regarding the flag, and work with the monarch to resolve those issues. Royals all have working responsibilities to ensure the flag runs effectively.

Titled members

Titled Members are awarded this rank when loyalty is shown or for every 10 active subscribers in a crew, 1 Titled member is nominated by their Captain.


Moonlighting started from a sole crew, Moonlit Wake, after they split from the Great Imperio-Avalon divide. They wanted to remain neutral until the heat blew down and then decide who to side with. In the end they allied with Avalon. With that they had Kings, in order, Reeree, Aiders, Shustrik, Mordrid, Dreadful, Mordrid again, Blarnybill and finally Flutie.

Moonlighting wasn't a big flag with any ambitions besides having fun but after a couple months during the Shurstrik/Mordrid regimes they set their goals for an island, particularly colonizing an island. After recruiting some new crews and gaining some strong allies they successfully blockaded Namath when it was opened. After that their main goal was to build up Namath and take another island afterwards, which they did when Vernal Equinox was opened.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 23 July 2005 Namath I Attacking uncolonized Yes None vs. Moonlighting, Crimson Tide 0:3:0 Won island
2 22 April 2006 Vernal I Attacking uncolonized yes None vs. Moonlighting Klingon Empire, Notorious Fandango, Don't Panic 0:3:0:0:0 Won island

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