The Legends

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The Legends at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Andyp
Senior Officer(s) Albrat, Bumbo, Cawie, Inkedpain, Maripanda, Millie
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Crimson Tide
Founded 20 November, 2003
Last updated on 25 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Legends crew has been around since Azure. Initially captained by Bonnyrambler and ably assisted by Luna, The Legends flew the flag Of Midnight along with Easily Distracted and a few other, smaller crews. A feud with Captainjimmy of Easily Distracted caused them to break away from Of Midnight and go out on their own, which led to a short period of PvP antics between the two largest crews from Of Midnight.

Bonnyrambler subsequently left the crew some time later, passing on the reins to Andyp. This was after Thanos had wooed Bonnyrambler into taking the crew into the fold of Crimson Tide. With Bonnyrambler's departure, Andyp set about making The Legends a strong crew within Crimson Tide, and securing a seat on the Crimson Council for his crew, in order to have representation in the affairs of the flag.

The Legends remains one of the most asset-rich crews in the Midnight Ocean, and is seen as one of the major crews of Crimson Tide.

Public Statement

Crew Motto: "When the battle is over, only The Legends remain."

Legends Q&A:

Q: What are The Legends about?

A: The Legends were formed a long time ago, with the sole aim of uniting like minded pirates in a fun crew. We exist to have fun!

Q: Are The Legends a L33T crew?

A: Depends on your definition. Are we a bunch of Elite Pirates, who only pillage with the best? No. Are we a bunch of fun loving mates who like to win, but also like to include everyone? Yes.

Q: Would I fit in in The Legends?

A: If ye can string a sentence together, and can engage in some lively crew chat, then Aye! If you say "wat" or "kthxbai", then Nay!

Q: Can I be officer?

A: Woah, hold yer horses mate! We do not have a strict policy on Officership, only that you would be recommended for Officership by the Cap or one of his trusted SO's. Full training would be given to potential officers.

Q: I hear yer rich, can I have some PoE?

A: Bugger off, earn it like everyone else :P