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Rodger Me Hearty

From YPPedia

Rodger Me Hearty at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Bauds of Scupper Me Booty
Member crew(s) Cunning Stunts, Evil Drunkard's, Forage Me Hearty, Scupper Me Booty, Spirit Warriors
Allies Broadsiders, Cold Steel, Crimson Tide, Evolution, For the Lawls, Midnight Predators, Phantom's Realm, The Scorpions, Trouble, You Get What You Give
Wars None
Last updated on 19 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Rodger Me Hearty is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean.

This flag was formed November 26th 2007 with Revelloscum as the monarch. After Revelloscum lost interest in the game for a while Bauds took over as monarch. They are a highly ambitious and active flag, with diverse interests amongst its membership.

Public statement

Hey! We as a flag do our best to be a fun, friendly flag, helping eachother and our allies however we can. We have foragers, monster hunters, carousers, stall-holders and pillagers so ye will have a place here whatever ye like to do best and would like to learn more about. The flag currently hosts pillages, Atlantis trips, Haunted Isle runs and occaisonal flotilla attacks, Imperial outpost attacks and Cursed Isles runs (as well as a few silly voyages), though soon we intend to run blockades, oceanwide events and more, so a variety of fun to be had! If ye want to join, and all are welcome on my own voyages if ye want to get to know us, send a tell to Bauds or any officer. Hope to see ye soon! Bauds :-)

Flag stalls and shoppes; Please get a job and puzzle at the following flag stalls fer fine wages and constant demand for labor of all ability: Darkabyss' Apothecary Stall on Epsilon Red Hot Poker on Hephaestus' Forge

New royal positions within the flag are subject to a vote by the existing royals. Senior officers of member crews hold titled positions in the flag.

Please send a tell to Bauds or other royalty if ye would like to ally to discuss it. We may want to get to know yet first to see how well our flag members get along and such, the same for new crews and crew members. We are always looking for more crews to join our flag as well as members of our crews. If ye would like to join our flag send a tell Bauds, also contactable on the Puzzle Pirate forums by the same name.

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