Activity icon

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An activity icon appears above a pirate (and sometimes NPPs) in a scene to indicate what that pirate or NPP is doing. Icons are displayed for the following activities:

Additionally, pirates who are idle or have disconnected also display activity icons.

Puzzle icons

These icons are displayed when a pirate is playing the respective puzzle. Note that NPPs can also play some of these puzzles, and will display the relevant icon when they are doing so.

Piracy puzzle icons

Icon bilge.png
Icon carpentry.png
Icon gunnery.png
Icon navigation.png
Icon patching.png
Icon rigging.png
Icon sailing.png
Icon treasurehaul.png
Bilging Carpentry Gunnery Navigation Patching Rigging Sailing Treasure haul

These icons are specific to fighting.

Icon rumble.png
Icon swordfight.png
Icon defend.png
Rumble Swordfighting Frays in Atlantis

Carousing puzzle icons

Icon drinking.png
Icon hearts.png
Icon poker.png
Icon spades.png
Icon treasure drop.png
Drinking Hearts Poker Spades Treasure drop

Crafting puzzle icons

Icon apothecary.png
Icon iron monger.png
Icon distillery.png
Icon foraging.png
Icon shipyard.png
Icon weavery.png
Alchemistry Blacksmithing Distilling Foraging Shipwrightery Weaving

Action icons

These icons show any actions a pirate is taking, such as trading or challenging.

Icon trade.png
Icon challenge.png
Icon portrait.png
Icon reading.png
Icon inventory.png
Icon arrange.png
Icon booty.png
Icon labor.png
Icon orders.png
Icon chart.png
Trading with a pirate Challenging a pirate or NPP Sitting for a portrait Viewing an info page or the notice board Inspecting a hold or a commodities market Arranging furniture Inspecting or dividing booty Managing labor or inspecting a job at a shoppe Managing orders at a shoppe Viewing yer known world while aboard a ship

Status icons

These icons show a pirate's status.

Icon idle.png
Icon disconnect.png
Idle Disconnected

Icons unique to NPPs

These icons can only be displayed above certain NPPs' heads.

Icon dragoon bilging.pngIcon dragoon carpentry.pngIcon dragoon rigging.pngIcon dragoon sailing.png Icon thrall.png
Dragoons or Specters sabotaging stations during a Sea Monster Hunt Thralls in Cursed Isles