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Players may challenge other players in the same scene to two-player parlor games. These are Swordfighting, Drinking, Rumble, or Treasure Drop. NPPs cannot be challenged to a game of Treasure Drop, but can still be challenged to the other games.

When one pirate is proposing a challenge, the challenge activity icon Icon challenge.png is shown above that pirate's head. When two pirates are negotiating a challenge, the icon appears over both pirates' heads.

When to play

Swordfighting and Rumble challenges are always free to play. Drinking and Treasure Drop challenges may be played for free on free-play days, but require a parlor badge on Doubloon Oceans or a subscription on Subscriber Oceans on all other days.

Issuing a challenge

The "Challenge" option on the radial menu.

To challenge a player or NPP, click on them and select the "Challenge to a Puzzle" option from the radial menu. Note that if the player has toggled Do Not Disturb(DND), only hearties may send them a challenge.

Decide upon the type of challenge to be made.

Next, use the dialog box that appears to select the type of puzzle, decide whether the challenge will be rated, and add in a wager, if it is desired. These two settings are common across all challenges. Note that one or both players may be affected by wager limits, in which case they may not exceed that limit. Further, pirates with wager bans cannot wager any PoE or items.

To present the proposed challenge to the player, click the "Issue Challenge" button. This sends the target a notification of the challenge which they may choose to negotiate or decline.

Tweak the details of the challenge with the opponent.

Should the proposed challenge be accepted, a second dialog appears allowing both players to further configure the challenge by editing the wager and adding items to the wager in addition to deciding whether it will be rated and what type of puzzle should be played. Additionally, types of swords, mugs, or bludgeons (depending on the puzzle type) can be chosen for the match. Once both pirates have clicked "Ready," the puzzle will begin. If any parameters of the match are changed, checked Ready boxes will uncheck and an alert will show next to the changed parameter. This includes changing the settings of the match and having either side change their wager or sword/mug/bludgeon.

Challenge etiquette and procedure

There are a few ways one can keep one's challenges from being a nuisance to someone else.

  • Ask for permission before challenging another player to a puzzle.
  • If a player declines the challenge request, do not issue another challenge unless they again give their permission to do so.
  • Click the "Ready" checkbox only when the challenge is configured as desired. Clicking "Ready" before this could result in having to participate in a challenge that is accidentally more advantageous to one pirate than to another.
  • Do not use losing a challenge as an excuse to spam, swear, or harass the person who wins.
  • Do not be a "sore" winner or loser. A mature pirate is one who can both win and lose with grace.