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Casino class sloop

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Casino class sloop
Casino class sloop dock.png
Max crew 7
Max swabbies 4
Mass (kilograms) 13,500
Volume (liters) 20,250
Navigation 1
Rigging/Sailing 3
Carpentry/Patching 2
Bilging 2
Gunnery 1
Battle Nav
Move tokens per turn 4
Cannon size small
Cannons aboard 4
Cannon shots per move 1 per side
Max Damage: (SF) / (Sink)
Small cannon balls 6 / 10
Medium cannon balls 4 / 6.66
Large cannon balls 3 / 5
Influence diameter 1
Min crew 3
Swabbie Ship Transport
Max swabbies 5
Cost per league 25 PoE
Construction Costs
Doubloons 40
Basic labor 160
Skilled labor 60
Expert labor 50
Iron 50
Sail cloth 75
Wood 80
Black paint 10
White paint 20
Green paint 30
Red paint 10

The Casino class sloop is a limited edition ship available from shipyards in June of 2012.

The layout is similar to the Phantom class sloop. The ship has a Casino theme, and is decorated largely in the standard playing card colors of red, black and white; as well as green, which is an iconic and traditional color for the felt fabric covering of many card game tables.

Casino class ships have one of the following adjectives when delivered: Betting, Dealing, Dicey, Flushed, Gambling, Glitzy, Illicit, Improbable, Paired, Rigged, Rolling, Sharky, Slick, Suited.

Rooms and furnishings

A Casino class sloop has four scenes: The cabin, the main deck, the main hold, and the crow's nest.

It comes pre-painted with black railings, red sideboards, and a white hull. The total paint required to recolor a Casino class sloop is 234 units.

The ship contains several special items, including two Roulette tables. While not linked to any official puzzle, when clicked the Roulette table will produce a message stating the result of the Roulette wheel spin in the form "(Color) (Number)" where the number will be from "0" (zero)/"00" (double zero) to "36" and the color will be red, black, or green.

The possible color and number combinations follow the standard Roulette wheel layout: Number ranges from 1 to 10, and from 19 to 28 will feature black even numbers and red odd numbers. From 11 to 18, and from 29 to 36 the pattern is reversed; even numbers are red and odd numbers are black. The only green numbers are 0 and 00. This information is displayed in a table below, and a full list of each possible outcome can be found here.

Number Range Red Black
1-10 Odd Even
11-18 Even Odd
19-28 Odd Even
29-36 Even Odd
0 or 00 Green

The ship also features two poker tables, a hearts table, a spades table, and two general cards tables, which allow access to all three of these card games. Additionally, there are three Treasure Drop tables on-board. While the card and treasure drop tables are pieces of prop furniture which can't be moved around within the scene -- but can be permanantly deleted -- the Roulette tables are fixed in place and can not be removed.

Casino class sloop
Cabin (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Upholstered chair (x3)
  • Small chest
  • Marble end table (x2)
  • Drinks with skull
  • Poker chip pile



Main Deck
Main Deck (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Anchor
  • Powder bag (x2)
  • Small cannon balls (x2)
  • Color wall lamp (x10)
  • Card suit banner (x8)
  • Pile o' loot
  • Marble end table (x3)
  • Upholstered chair (x4)
  • Poker chip pile (x3)
  • Fancy bar segment (left end)
  • Fancy bar segment (middle)
  • Fancy bar segment (right end)
  • Drinks

Main Hold
Main Hold (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Barrel
  • Bag
  • Upholstered chair (x6)
  • Potted palm (x4)
  • Marble table (x2)
  • Marble end table
  • Poker chip pile (x2)
  • Pile o' loot
  • Drinks
  • Wine
  • Enamelled skull
  • Card suit banner (x6)
  • Color wall lamp (x7)
  • Ship's wheel
  • Painting of ship
  • Ancient Jolly Roger

Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Paint:
    • Railing: 2 units
  • Special items:
    • This deck has no special items.
  • Props:
  • Card suit banner



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