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Parlor games can be played anywhere with the proper furniture (namely, Swordfighting table, Drinking table, Hearts table, Poker table, Spades table, Treasure Drop table, Rumbling pit, and Patron's card table). Inns are a popular place for pirates to unwind with a friendly game or two after a long bout of pillaging, and are the only place, besides palaces, where the generic "Parlor games" table may be found.

There are currently seven different parlor games:

* These games may also be played via challenges to other players, in two-player mode. Furthermore, tournaments can be created for these types of games.

When to play

To play a parlor game on a doubloon ocean, the player must either be currently holding a parlor badge, or it must be a free day for that game. The free days for the games rotate every week with 3 days for Swordfighting, 2 days for Drinking, 2 days for Treasure Drop, 3 days for Rumble, 2 days for poker, 2 days for hearts, and 2 days for spades. The crafting puzzles also follow this rotating free day sequence. All games are free to subscribers. Note that Swordfighting and Rumble may be played for free via challenges on any day, but require a badge or subscription to play via games tables or tournaments on non-free days.

Table settings

All parlor game tables share the following common settings, in addition to other game-specific ones. Poker is an exception, due to a different bet structure and the fact that watchers may buy-in and leave at any point. In poker, the only common setting is Local players only.

Note that settings differ for tournament and challenge configurations. See the respective Tournament and Challenge articles for a breakdown of these settings.

Settings common to all games tables

These settings are displayed on all tables once they have been created (with the exception of Poker).

  • Wager - an optional wager on the outcome of the game. Some games, such as Hearts, offer further control over how wagers are split among the winning players. Only players able to meet this wager will be able to join the table. As of release 2012-04-30, wager limits based on a pirate's experience have also been introduced.
  • Standing range - only players whose standing matches this range criteria will be able to join the table. If the range only covers one standing, the table will display the text "Standing-X only" - where Standing-X is the standing selected. If the range covers all standings (Able to Ultimate) then no standing-related text will display on the table. In all other cases, the table will display the text "Standing-X to Standing-Y" where Standing-X and Standing-Y are the two standings which were selected in table settings.
  • Private table - prevents other players from watching the game.
  • Local players only - only players in the same scene as the table creator will be able to join the table.

Settings common to some games tables

In addition to the settings above, some general settings are only applicable to certain types of games tables:

  • Rated - all games which have a two-player mode have the option of being rated or not, where the outcome of a rated game will affect both players' standings. Swordfighting and Rumble tables with more than two players can not be rated. However, drinking tables may be optionally rated for any number of players. All other games are rated by default; there is no unrated option for these.
  • Max players per team - Specifies the size of teams in Swordfighting and Rumble.
  • Number of players - Specifies the number of players in a Poker or Drinking game.


  • Swordfighting and Rumble are listed here as parlor games, as they are playable via games tables. However, they are listed under the "Piracy Skills" section of the pirate info page, unlike all other parlor games which are listed under "Carousing Skills".

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