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Alice class sloop

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Alice class sloop
Alice class sloop dock.png
Max crew 7
Max swabbies 4
Mass (kilograms) 13,500
Volume (liters) 20,250
Navigation 1
Rigging/Sailing 3
Carpentry/Patching 2
Bilging 2
Gunnery 1
Battle Nav
Move tokens per turn 4
Cannon size small
Cannons aboard 4
Cannon shots per move 1 per side
Max Damage: (SF) / (Sink)
Small cannon balls 6 / 10
Medium cannon balls 4 / 6.66
Large cannon balls 3 / 5
Influence diameter 1
Min crew 3
Swabbie Ship Transport
Max swabbies 5
Cost per league 25 PoE
Construction Costs
Doubloons 40
Basic labor 160
Skilled labor 60
Expert labor 50
Iron 90
Sail cloth 75
Wood 66
Blue paint 80
White paint 80
Papagoite 8
Chalcocite 8
Gold nuggets 5

The Alice class sloop is a limited edition ship that was available from the shipyards in July and August of 2013.

The layout of this ship is quite a bit different from a normal sloop. For instance, from the main deck, one can go through the looking-glass to enter the cabin, or one can jump down the rabbit hole to enter the main hold. Within the cabin, there is a chamber which houses a chess table. Atop this table, next to the game itself, is a potion which will permit the imbiber to join the chess game. Within the game itself, there is a hidden path, starting next to the red queen (the queen of hearts), leading to a clearing in the woods, and containing an inscription.

Each Alice class sloop comes with a rabbit NPP, who remains aboard the ship permanently; this rabbit does not count as a crew member.

Alice class ships have one of the following adjectives when delivered: Burbling, Chortling, Frabjous, Frumious, Galumphing, Manxome, Mimsy, Mirrored, Nonsensical, Slithy, Uffish, Vorpal.

Rooms and furnishings

An Alice class sloop has six scenes: The main deck, the cabin, the main hold, the chamber, the chess board, and the crow's nest.

The Alice class sloop comes pre-painted with blue railings, white sideboards, and a blue hull. The total paint required to recolor an Alice class sloop is 237 units.

Alice class sloop
Main Deck
Main Deck (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
Cabin (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • Trim: 17 units
  • Special items:
  • Props:
    • The props on this deck are unknown.
Main Hold
Main Hold (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
Chamber (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • Walls: 8 units
    • Trim: 8 units
  • Special items:
  • Props:
    • The props on this deck are unknown.
Chess Board
Chess Board (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • This scene cannot be painted.
  • Special items:
    • Unknown
  • Props:
    • The props on this deck are unknown.
Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest (click for larger view)
  • No floor plans available.
  • Paint:
    • Railing: 2 units
  • Special items:
    • This deck has no special items.
  • Props:
  • Card suit banner



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