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Longship dock.png
Max crew 15
Max swabbies 13
Mass (kilograms) 13,500
Volume (liters) 20,250
Navigation 1
Rigging/Sailing 5
Carpentry/Patching 3
Bilging 3
Gunnery 3
Battle Nav
Move tokens per turn 4
Cannon size small
Cannons aboard 12
Cannon shots per move 2 per side
Max Damage: (SF) / (Sink)
Small cannon balls 9 / 15
Medium cannon balls 6 / 10
Large cannon balls 4.5 / 7.5
Influence diameter 2
Min crew 5
Porting Bribe Cost
Cost per bribe 90 PoE
Swabbie Ship Transport
Max swabbies 9
Cost per league 45 PoE
Construction Costs
Doubloons 36
(24 Dark Seas doubloon cost)
Basic labor 250
Skilled labor 150
Expert labor 50
Iron 250
Sail cloth 175
Tan cloth 75
Wood 350

The longship was released onto the oceans in late 2007. It is designed after the longships used by the Scandinavian Vikings and Saxons for coastal raids during the Middle Ages.

Other classes

In addition to the basic longship, one other class of longship exists:

Rooms and furnishings

A longship has three scenes: The main deck, the main hold, and the crow's nest.

The total paint required for a Longship is 176 units. When given the option to paint in the crow's nest, it says "railings and sideboards"; however, painting the Crow's Nest changes two alternating vertical colored stripes on the sails, not the Sideboard and Railing.

Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Paint:
    • Railing: 1 unit
    • Sideboard: 1 unit
  • Special items:
    • This scene has no special items.
  • Props:
    • This scene has no props.
Main Deck
Main Deck (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Props:
  • Tools
  • Powder bag (x3)
  • Barrel (x2)
  • Skull
  • Woodpile
  • Slatted Crate
  • Small cannonballs (x6)
  • Upright rum barrel
  • Pile of bones (x3)
  • Pyramid of barrels


Main Hold
Main Hold (click for larger view)
Floor plan
  • Props:
  • Bag
  • Barrel o'rocks (x2)
  • Barrel (x2)
  • Bludgeon trunk (x2)
  • Chest
  • Crate o'hemp
  • Crate o'limes
  • Little chest
  • Pick and shovel
  • Powder bag (x2)
  • Pyramid of barrels (x3)
  • Shabby table (x2)
  • Slatted crate
  • Small cannon balls (x5)
  • Small chest (x2)
  • Stool (x2)
  • Sword rack (x2)
  • Tools (x2)
  • Upright rum barrel (x2)
  • Woodpile (x3)
  • Cashbox
  • Jars
  • Scrolls
  • Skull
  • Tap

Real life relation

From Wikipedia:

Longships were ships primarily used by the Scandinavian Vikings and the Saxons to raid coastal and inland settlements during the European Middle Ages. They are often called "longboats", but "longship" is more accurate. The vessels were also used for long distance trade and commerce, and for exploratory voyages to Iceland, Greenland, and beyond.
The longship was characterized as a graceful, long, narrow, light wooden boat with a shallow draft designed for speed. The ship's shallow draft allowed navigation in waters only one meter deep and permitted rapid beach landings, while its light weight enabled it to be carried over portages. Longships were also symmetrical, allowing the ship to reverse direction quickly. Longships were fitted with oars along almost the entire length of the boat itself. Later versions sported a rectangular sail on a single mast which was used to augment the effort of the rowers, particularly during long journeys.

Historical information

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