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Obsidian Ocean is a Dark Seas ocean in development by developers. The ocean uses doubloons, with no connection whatsoever to existing doubloon oceans. In other words, doubloons bought on the Meridian Ocean or the Emerald Ocean are not accessible on the Obsidian Ocean.

The announcement of the ocean was released on December 15, 2016, by Forculus on the Game Design forum.

Beta testing began June 30, 2017.


Obsidian has thirty-five islands divided among six archipelagos. There are nine colonized islands.

Each archipelago has an island named after a species of sea turtle.

Darkling Seas Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Devil's Heart Outpost
Flatback Rift Large
Moonlight Cove Medium
Nevermore Island Medium
Night Harbour^ Large
Point Petrify Medium
Whisper Island^ Medium
Greywaters Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Green Oasis Medium
Kreis Island Large
Pele Island Medium
Port Venture^ Large
Traveler's Rest Outpost
Straits o' Defiance Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Anole Garden^ Medium
Cavum Ridge Outpost
Kingfisher Island Medium
Lionhaven^ Large
Pride Island Medium
Ridley's Valor Large
Triumph Island Medium
Wild Eastern Seas Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Bogong Cove Outpost
Ember Eye Outpost
Hawksbill Island Large
Wind Combs Island Medium
Wild Western Seas Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Holloway Isle Outpost
Huracan Island Medium
Krakentoa Island Outpost
Leatherback Island Large
Ye Bloody Bounding Main Archipelago Chart star grey.png
Dingwall Island Large
Loggerhead Island^ Medium
Magpie Island^ Medium
Melanaster Island^ Large
Mitjana Island Large
Picklepine Ridge Large
Triplet's Treasure^ Medium
Woodtick Island Large

* - denotes capital
^ - denotes colonized

Historical information

  • Obsidian Ocean was moved to Steam-exclusive login on September 14, 2017. As of this date, pirates who were using a server/client they downloaded from a link on forums are now unable to use it.

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