Gold nugget

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Gold nuggets
Raw goods
Gold nugget.png
Mass: 0.4 kg Volume: 1 L
Obtained from: Foraging
Used by: Apothecaries, Furnishers, Tailors, Weaveries
End products: Cloth, Crowns, Diving Helmets, Enamel, Furniture, Paint, Tiaras
For the currencies, see Pieces of Eight and Doubloon.
For the trinket with the same name, see Gold nugget (trinket).

Gold nuggets are the most expensive of all eleven minerals. They can be found by foraging at uncolonized islands, purchased from other players or merchant brigands, or on rare occasions, can be plundered from brigands or barbarians (who in turn plundered it from player pirate ships).

Note: Gold nuggets do not appear under the Forageables section of the trading interface but can be found under Minerals.

German article: Golderz


Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

The following trophies are related to gold nuggets:


Gold nuggets are needed in the production of:

Apothecary products
Tailor products
Weavery products

Historical Note

  • Gold formerly existed as ore, but as of Ice release 2008-08-11 and release 2008-08-27, each unit of ore was turned into 10 nuggets. All recipes and the Gold Digger trophy requirements were adjusted by 10. This change was made partly to resolve the issue of gold ore being too expensive to sell dockside [1], while allowing gold to be found more often while foraging.
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