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Note: This project has been abandoned due to lack of time (and interest). While Jamesh may continue this work in the future, anybody who wishes to do this work is welcome to.

Master List - Emerald Building Pages (thanks to Pianoman1125, Amoyer, Vorky, and Belthazar for the idea)

See also: Building lists for:

Also note - an incomplete list of fairly quick, easy things that can be done now can be found here .

For a quick, easy-to-use template for most articles, see this template.

The mark done denotes that:

  • The building page exists
  • An outside view picture has been uploaded and added into the page
  • An up to date infobox has been added
  • A brief ownership and construction history written, when applicable.

Anyone feel free to add as you see fit.

When editing, please conform to the following basic template for consistency:

  • Upload all building image files in this format "Building-<Ocean>-<Name>.png"
Example: "Building-Viridian-Fast_Fourier_Transport.png" (The best way to do this is to set "screenshot=yes", preview, and right-click the resulting red link.)
  • Always ensure the owner and manager information in the infobox is accurate and current.
  • Specify the following points in the opening of the article:
    • Left-facing or Right-facing
    • Upgraded (nothing needed if not upgraded)
    • Bazaar or Shoppe
    • Island location (including ocean, only put ex-oceans (i.e., Hunter) when the building was built before the merge)
  • See this as an example of all the above listed points: Moon Shine.


Emerald Ocean - (42 of 92 islands complete)

Accompong Island - (3 of 3 - Island incomplete)

Accompong Island -- done

Estate agent
Maroon -- done
Granny Nannys -- done

Admiral Island - (To be surveyed)

Aimuari Island - (1 of 107 completed -- Island incomplete)

Aimuari Island

Paint and Suffering (bazaar) --
Chromatorium (upgraded) --
Herbicide (upgraded) --
A Pinch of Salt (upgraded) --
Prepare to Dye (upgraded) --
Up and Dyed (upgraded) --
Death To All Traders (trading post) --
The Final Destination (explorers' hall) --
Morte Knox --
Commodities market
Sales from the Crypt (upgraded) --
Last Swill and Testament (bazaar) --
Hangman's Hangover (upgraded) --
Morbid Concoctions (upgraded) --
Red Rum (upgraded) --
Rum and Croak (upgraded) --
Rum For Your Life (upgraded) --
Restless Spirits (upgraded) --
Tequila Bar (upgraded) --
Estate agent
Dawn of the Deed (upgraded) --
Hangman's Cot (bazaar) --
Coffin Tables (upgraded) --
Crate and Bury (upgraded) --
Cushion up the Daisies (upgraded) --
Death Beds (upgraded) --
The Ducking Stool (upgraded) --
The Electric Chair --
Fatal Finish (upgraded) --
Graven Urns (upgraded) --
Shot Through the Hearth (upgraded) --
Teak Lanterns (upgraded) --
Bungallows (left-facing bungalow) --
Cottagious Disease (right-facing cottage) --
Dead Mansion Walking (right-facing mansion) --
Death Row (left-facing row house) --
Deathly Hallows (left-facing pirate hall) --
Jonestown Houses (right-facing townhouse) --
The Late Estate (left-facing estate) --
Only a Manor of Time (left-facing manor) --
Pine Boxes (left-facing shack) --
Stab In Cabin (right-facing cabin) --
Villa of the Damned (right-facing villa) --
Rest Inn Peace (upgraded) --
Bite the Rust (bazaar) --
Blade to Rest (upgraded) --
Blown to Smithereens (upgraded) --
Bubonic Blade (upgraded) --
The Final Shot (upgraded) --
Ironic Endings (upgraded) --
Iron Will (upgraded) --
Hellter Smelter (upgraded) -- needs to be renamed to 'Killer Blades'
Left for Lead (upgraded) --
Night of the Living Lead (upgraded) --
Run For Your Knife (upgraded) --
The Mausoleum (upgraded) --
Last Wrights (bazaar) --
Crossing Styx (upgraded) --
Cut and Run (upgraded) --
Dead to Wrights (upgraded) --
Deckapitated (upgraded) --
Floating Caskets (upgraded) --
Graved Hulls (upgraded) --
Mast Murderer (upgraded) --
Silence of the Planks (upgraded) --
Six Yards Under (upgraded) --
Vessels of Hades (upgraded) --
Voyage of the Damned (upgraded) --
The Wake (upgraded) --
Warship's Eulogy (upgraded) --
Wicked Phoenix (upgraded) --
Meet Your Dress Maker (bazaar) --
Aberzombie & Lich (upgraded) --
Armani for a Killa (upgraded) --
Bring Out Your Thread (upgraded) --
Casual Tees (upgraded) --
Cement Boots (upgraded) --
Davy Jones' Locker (upgraded) --
Dressed to Kill (upgraded) -- b
Drop Dead Gorgeous (upgraded) --
A Fitting End (upgraded) --
Kick The Buccaneer (upgraded) --
Killer Looks (upgraded) --
Killer Kilts (upgraded) --
Last Leggings (upgraded) --
Last Stitch Effort (upgraded) --
The Mad Professor's Closet (upgraded) --
Simply Irresistible (upgraded) --
Six Feet Under Wear (upgraded) --
Thread Of Night (upgraded) --
Thread on Arrival (upgraded) --
Wicked Wraps (upgraded) --
Beweavement (bazaar) --
The Grim Weaver (upgraded) --
Gweaving (upgraded) --
Killa Weaving (upgraded) --
The Last Shuttle (upgraded) --
A Looming Fate (upgraded) --
Loomsday (upgraded) --
Sew I Dyed (upgraded) --
A Stitch in Time (upgraded) --
Thread or Alive (upgraded) --
Dusted Buildings
Death by Chocolate (upgraded) -- more specific date
Desk Valley (upgraded furnisher) -- needs to be listed as dusted
Driftwood (upgraded) -- more specific date
Grave Dagger (Ironmonger shoppe) -- needs to be listed as dusted
Judgement Daytrips (explorers' hall) -- done
Trim Reaper (upgraded tailor) -- needs more specific date

Albatross Island - (Uninhabited)

Alkaid Island - (7 of 91 - Island incomplete)

Alkaid Island

Aye-Aye Philter (bazaar) -- done
Coconut Elixir (upgraded) -- done
Toxic Banana Sap (upgraded) -- done
Monk-e-bay (trading post) -- done
The Great Apescape (explorers' hall) -- done
Kingkong and Shanghai Bank
Commodities market
See Hear Speak and Buy No Evil
Coconut Cococtions (bazaar) --
Ape'ltini (upgraded) --
Brass Monkey (upgraded) --
Chimp Juice (upgraded) --
Drunken Monkey (upgraded) --
Jungle Juice (upgraded) --
Monkey See Monkey Brew (upgraded) (going dark) --
Bushbaby Brews (upgraded) -- needs to be renamed to Wasted (going dark - do soon)
Estate agent
Primate Realty
Bed, Beddings and Marmosets (bazaar) --
Chimpendale -- needs to be renamed to One Night Stand
Trundle in the Jungle --
Beech Bungalow (right-facing bungalow)
Chestnut Cottage (right-facing cottage)
Canopy Manors (right-facing manor)
Cypress Cabins (left-facing cabin)
Great Ape Escapes (left-facing estate)
Liana Villa (right-facing villa)
Mangrove Mansion (right-facing mansion)
Munky Town (left-facing townhouse)
Shack Macaque (left-facing shack)
Tarzan's Treehouse (left-facing row house)
Gibbon Inn
Iron Ba Boom (bazaar) --
Balls 'n' Bananas (upgraded) --
Electric Shot Therapy (upgraded) --
Gorilla Killer (upgraded) --
Great Balls of Fire (upgraded) --
Iron Monkey (upgraded) --
Lowland Smelter (upgraded) -- needs to be renamed to Primate Irony
Shot in the Ape (upgraded) --
Titano Blade (upgraded) --
Ape's Armour (upgraded) -- needs to be renamed to Viking Blacksmith
The Veiled Sins - needs to be renamed to The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
Banana Boats (bazaar) --
Ape Ship -- awaiting community input (see here)
Baboon Brigs (upgraded) --
Chimp My Ride (upgraded) --
Floating Bananas (upgraded) --
Friggin' Monkeys (upgraded) --
Gibbon Floaters -- going dark, needs to be done soon
Legio X Gemina (upgraded) --
Magilla Marina (upgraded) --
Marmoset's Medusa (upgraded) --
Monkeyship (upgraded) --
Poseidon's Fleet -- awaiting community input (see here)
Sails n Tails -- awaiting community input (see here)
Sea Monkeys (upgraded) --
Silverback Armada -- awaiting community input (see here)
Vessels of the Apes -- awaiting community input (see here)
Wrighty Joe Young (upgraded) --
Monyet On Yer Rack (bazaar) --
Banana Republic -- awaiting community input (see here)
Bash 'n Sash -- awaiting community input (see here)
Behind Clothes Door (upgraded) --
Chimpson Dior (upgraded) -- going dark, needs to be done soon
DKNY Kong (upgraded) --
Dolce & Gibbona -- awaiting community input (see here)
Gorilla Gap -- awaiting community input (see here)
Journey to the Vest (upgraded) --
Kraken's Nugget -- awaiting community input (see here)
Marmoset Hemlines -- awaiting community input (see here)
Monkey Suits (upgraded) --
Octo 'N Boots -- awaiting community input (see here)
Simian Seams (upgraded) --
TK Monkey -- awaiting community input (see here)
Chimpanweave (bazaar) --
Banana Thread (upgraded) --
Darwin Yarns (upgraded) --
Monkey Weave Monkey Loom -- awaiting community input (see here)
Moona's Distaff -- awaiting community input (see here)
Real Simian Loom -- awaiting community input (see here)
Rhesus Fleeces (upgraded) --
Supreme Simian -- awaiting community input (see here)
Weaving Wookies -- awaiting community input (see here)
Dusted Buildings
Banana Hammocks (upgraded furnisher) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Friggin' Monkey Business -- done
Greystoke Forge (ironmonger) -- needs to be marked as dusted
Iron-Gutang (ironmonger) -- needs to be marked as dusted
Jungle Pit (furnisher) -- needs to be marked as dusted
Sakis Sakes (distillery) -- done
Shipyard Safari -- needs to be marked as dusted
Sofa Spuds (furnisher) -- needs to be marked as dusted

Ambush Island - (To be surveyed)

Fortini --
Iron monger
Body Shots --

Amity Island - (To be surveyed)

Quint's Quarters --
Iron monger
Great White Sharp --

Ancoraggio Island - (Uninhabited)

Anegada Island - (0 of 2 - Island incomplete)

Anegada Island

The Settlement --

Arakoua Island - (Uninhabited)

Armstrong Island - (25 of 76 - Island not complete)

Armstrong Island

Westside Concoctions (bazaar) -- done
The Colourful Van (upgraded) -- renamed from House of Paint. Working to get page moved.
Funky Cold Medina (upgraded) -- done
Get Rich or Dye Tryin (upgraded) -- done
King of Paint -- done
B I G World Trade (trading post) -- done
It Ain't Hard to Explore (explorer's hall) -- done
Hood Rich (upgraded) -- done - but needs input
Commodities market
Biz Market (upgraded) -- done
A Groggy Grog World (bazaar) -- done
By All Rum Necessary (upgraded) -- done
Can't Stop, Rum Shop (upgraded) -- done
Pimp Juice (upgraded) -- done
Rum and Juice (upgraded) -- done
Rum DMC (upgraded) -- done
You Be Distillin' -- done
Estate agent
Where's the Deed At (upgraded) -- done
Check Your Shelf (bazaar) -- done
Funky Frames -- needs screenshot
Just a Little More Bed (ugraded) -- done
Bunga Lowrider (right-facing bungalow) -- done
Deeez Hutz (left-facing shack) -- done
Eazy Street (right-facing estate) -- done
Long Beach Cribs (left-facing cottage) -- done
Makavilli (left-facing villa) -- done
Me So Homey (left-facing townhouse) -- done
Method Mansion (left-facing mansion) -- done
Once Upon A Time In The Projects (right-facing cabin) -- done
Doug E Refreshments (upgraded) -- done
Iron monger
Cock The Hammer (bazaar) -- done
Big Ballin (upgraded)-- done
Biggie Smalls' Balls (upgraded) -- done
C-Ballin' (upgraded) --
Drop It Like It's Hot (upgraded) --
Five Poppin Six Droppin (upgraded) --
Follow the Lead (upgraded) --
Hammertime (upgraded) --
Lick a Shot (upgraded) --
Liquid Swords (upgraded) --
Rock The Balls (upgraded) --
Sucker CBs (upgraded) --
We Be Clubbin' (upgraded) --
Fight The Power --
As Masty As They Wanna Be (bazaar) --
Gettin' Friggy Wit' It (upgraded) -- name changed to 'Battleships'
Beastie Brigs (upgraded) --
Blackjack Betty (upgraded) --
Bow Dhown (upgraded) --
Candy Shop (upgraded) --
Dunk the Junk (upgraded) --
Easy Dhows it (upgraded) --
Freight Outta Compton (upgraded) --
Hit the Deck (upgraded) --
I Like Big Boats (upgraded) --
Longboats from the Van (upgraded) --
Notorious B R I G (upgraded) --
Sloop Dogg (upgraded) --
Britches and Hose (bazaar) --
The Coat Man (upgraded) -- renamed to 'Big Booty Britches'
Dark Lady's Boutique (upgraded) --
Don't Hate The Tailor (upgraded) --
A Stitch is a Stitch (upgraded) --
West Side Stitch (upgraded) --
Weave Against the World (bazaar) --
Bust A Weave (upgraded) -- b
It Ain't Easy Deing Weavy (upgraded) --
Loom Somethin' (upgraded) --
Weavy-Duz-It (upgraded) --
Dusted buildings
A Little More Bed (upgraded furnisher) -- done
Eight Ball Rollin' (upgraded) -- dusted - need to add
Gangsta's Paradise (black market) -- dusted - need to add
I Like Big Boats (upgraded shipyard) -- needs date added
Let Me Ride (upgraded shipyard) -- needs to be shown as dusted
Mad Mad World Tours (explorers' hall) -- needs date added
Mad Props -- dusted - need to add
Trade in Full (trading post) -- dusted - need to add

Ashkelon Arch - (To be surveyed)

The Gaza Ship

Atchafalaya Island - (Uninhabited)

Aten Island - (Uninhabited)

Auk Island - (Uninhabited)

Barbary Island - (To be surveyed)

Quicksilver Sulfurs (bazaar) --
Hawkdye (upgraded) --
Spidey Cents --
Commodities market
Bananaman --
The Green Cistern (bazaar) --
Crystal Clear-Cut --
Sobertooth --
Estate agent
Daily Plan-It --
'Mazing Mantels (bazaar) --
Caleb's Hammer --
Fantastic Fournisher --
Hero Houses (right-facing row house) --
Krypton Kottage (right-facing cottage) --
Manor of Steel (right-facing manor) --
Sidekick Shacks (right-facing shack) --
Stark Towerhouse (left-facing townhouse) --
Gambit (upgraded) --
Iron monger
Metal Men (bazaar) --
Phoenix Forge (upgraded) --
Razor Backsword --
Which Blades (upgraded) --
Hall of Justice --
Professor Xebec (bazaar) --
Gotham Shippy --
Helmsman and She-Row --
Illuminati's Flag --
The Incredible Hull --
Slooperman --
Wonder Frigs (upgraded) --
Thundercoats (bazaar) --
Batman and Ribbon (upgraded) --
Wonder Wear --
Boots of Magic --
Scarflet Witch (upgraded)
Wonder Woven (bazaar) --
Creped Crusader (upgraded) --

Barnard Island - (Uninhabited)

Basset Island - (3 of 3 completed - Island Complete)

Basset Island -- done

A Vicious Fort -- done
Iron monger
Hot and Hammered -- done

The Beaufort Islands - (Uninhabited)

Blackthorpe Island - (To be surveyed)

Bowditch Island - (To be surveyed)

Bryher Island - (Uninhabited)

Cambium Island - (Uninhabited)

Caravanserai Island - (To be surveyed)

Chachapoya Island - (0 of 17 - Island incomplete)

Chachapoya Island

A Mess o' Merry Cans (bazaar) --
Who Wants to be a Mayan Heir--
Commodities market
Sign in Inca--
De-Vine Brews (bazaar)--
Estate agent
The Civil Serpent--
Altared States (bazaar)--
Adobe Abode (right-facing shack) --
Tortilla Villas (right-facing villa) --
Beer and Pretzel-Coatl--
Iron monger
Cats Have Lion Knives (bazaar)--
A Maize in Place--
Pack Up Your Trunk and Leaves (bazaar)--
Tars an' Chains--
Sombrero Over the Rainbow (bazaar)--
Hats and Coatls--
Gone, But not for Cotton (bazaar) --

Cook Island - (Uninhabited)

Cromwell Island - (To be surveyed)

Old Ironsides

Cryo Island - (To be surveyed)

On the Rocks --
Eyes Scream --

Deadlight Dunes - (Uninhabited)

Descartes Isle - (To be surveyed)

Doyle Island - (0 of 12 - Island incomplete)

Doyle Island

Investor Moriarty
Commodities market
The Game is A-Fruit
Estate agent
The Norwood Builder
Sherlock Homes (left-facing townhouse)
Violins and Vill-Inns (upgraded)
Two Twenty-One B Baker Street
No Ship, Sherlock (bazaar) --
His Last Bow (upgraded) --
Pier Juan (upgraded) --
Scotland Yard (upgraded) --
The Valley of Shears (bazaar)

Edgar's Choice - (Uninhabited)

Fluke Island - (Uninhabited)

Fowler Island - (Uninhabited)

Gallows Island - (0 of 4 - Island incomplete)

Gallows Island

Home of Stagnation --
Death Monger --
Dusted Buildings
Yardarm Yards (Shipyard) -- needs to be marked as dusted

Gauntlet Island - (To be surveyed)

The Velvet Glove
Iron monger
The Iron Fist

Greenwich Island - (To be surveyed)

Halley Island - (To be surveyed)

Tail Blazer --

Hinga Island - (Uninhabited)

Hoarfrost Island - (Uninhabited)

Hook Shelf - (Uninhabited)

Hubble's Eye - (0 of 11 -- Island incomplete)

Hubble's Eye

Commodities market
Acme Trading Co
Bugs Rummy (bazaar)
Estate agent
Bob The Builder (upgraded)
Huff N Puff (right-facing townhouse) -- under construction
Moe's Tavern (upgraded)
Iron monger
Boris Bladenov (bazaar)
Yosemite Bam (upgraded) - needs to be renamed and moved to 'Road Runners Choice' and then to 'Tigger Happy'
Fortress of Solitude
Porky Brig (bazaar)
Frighorn Leghorn (upgraded) - needs to be renamed to 'Pepe Le Pew Pew'

Ilha da Aguia - (0 of 14 - Island incomplete)

Ilha da Aguia

Take it to the Mint (upgraded) --
Commodities market
The Long Trade Run (upgraded) --
Estate agent
New Agent In Town (upgraded) --
Creaky Breezy Ceilings (left-facing row house) --
Hotel California (upgraded) --
Iron monger
Learn to Bend Steel (bazaar) --
One of These Knights (upgraded) --
Such a Lovely Place (upgraded) --
Dressperado (bazaar) --
I Wish You Fleece (bazaar) --
Certain Kind of Wool (upgraded) --
Dusted Buildings
Seven Bridges Exploration Road (explorers' hall) --
Premades All in a Row (Shipyard bazaar) --

Immokalee Island - (Uninhabited)

Iocane Island - (0 of 4 - Island incomplete)

Iocane Island

As You Wish --
Mastly Dead -- under construction
Dusted Buildings
Miracle Max Zero (shipyard)--

Isle of Kent - (To be surveyed)

Isle of Keris - (Uninhabited)

emerald|Ix Chel - (0 of 4 - Island incomplete)

Ix Chel

The Eagle has landed (upgraded) --
Iron Monger
Ball N Chain --
Dusted Buildings
Wright Stuff (shipyard bazaar) --

Jack's Last Gift - (Uninhabited)

Kakraphoon Island - (To be surveyed)

Ford Prefect
Zaphod's Baghlahs

Kashgar Island - (To be surveyed)


Kasidim Island - (To be surveyed)

Kiwara Island - (To be surveyed)

Sand Castle --
Sloop on the Beach --

Lincoln Island - (To be surveyed)

The Lowland Hundred - (1 of 14 completed -- Island incomplete)

The Lowland Hundred

Ancient Wealth --
Commodities market
Mythical Marketers -- needs to be renamed to 'Loki's Tricky Trades'
Legend's Swallow (bazaar) -- needs to be renamed to 'The Mead Vat'
Estate agent
Brownie Builder --
Horseman's Hideaway (upgraded) -- needs to be renamed to 'Horseman's Hideaway'
Lowland Balls (bazaar) -- needs to be renamed to 'Mjolnir'
Balls of Misfortune (upgraded)
Watchman's Tower (upgraded)
Odins Creations (bazaar) -- under construction
Dusted buildings
Long Plank Surprises (upgraded shipyard) -- done
Mystery Tours (explorers' hall) -- needs more accurate dusting date
Sunken Shrines (shipyard bazaar)
Wooden Watery Grave (shipyard upgraded)

Lyonesse Island - (Uninhabited)

Maia Island - (0 of 2 - Island incomplete)

Maia Island

Commodities market
Bear Market --

Manu Island - (0 of 3 - Island incomplete)

Manu Island

Florian Hall --
Iron monger
Flanigan's Balls --

Marlowe Island - (2 of 4 -- Island incomplete)

Marlowe Island

Black Mask -- done
Lasso of Truth -- waiting on screenshot without zombies
Dusted Buildings
Hidden Treasure (shipyard) -- done

Matariki Island - (Uninhabited)

McGuffin's Isle - (Uninhabited)

Messier's Crown - (Uninhabited)

Mirage Island - (Uninhabited)

Morannon Island - (Uninhabited)

Morgana Island - (Uninhabited)

Moultrie Island - (Uninhabited)

Myvatn Island - (Uninhabited)

Nunataq Island - (Uninhabited)

Paihia Island - (0 of 4 - Island incomplete)

Paihia Island

Left Right Fire --
The Queens Ball --
Dusted Buildings
Stripping Wright Down (shipyard) -- needs to be marked as dusted

Paollu Island - (Uninhabited)

Penobscot Island - (To be surveyed)

No Girls Allowed --
Oops Dhow Surprise

Pukru Island - (0 of 13 - Island complete)

Pukru Island

Underground Monocle (black market)
Pennies and PoEs --
Commodities market
Cold Storage --
Estate agent
Stonehenge --
Mayfair Mansions (right-facing row house) --
Pearl Vis-Inn (upgraded) --
Buckingham (upgraded) --
The Mary Rose (bazaar) --
The Wright Eye (upgraded) --
Wright in the Friggin Eye (upgraded) --
Savile Row (bazaar) --
An Eye for Fashion (upgraded)--

Qaniit Island - (Uninhabited)

Quetzal Island - (0 of 16 completed - Island incomplete)

Quetzal Island

Osprey Paint (bazaar) --
KakaPoE (upgraded) --
Commodities market
Stork Market (upgraded) --
Whippoorswill (bazaar) --
Estate agent
Duck-Build (upgraded) --
Stool Pigeons (bazaar) --
The Cuckoo's Nest (right-facing shack) --
Emu-ving on Up (right-facing townhouse) --
Bar Owl (upgraded) --
Iron monger
Cannonballed Eagle (bazaar) --
Kingfisher (upgraded) --
Slooping Cranes (bazaar)--
Sea Hulls --
Pelican Briefs (bazaar) --
Kiweaves (bazaar) --
Dusted Buildings
Magnificent Frigatebird (shipyard) -- needs to be marked as dusted

Rowes Island - (Uninhabited)

Saiph Island - (0 of 3 - Island incomplete)

Saiph Island

First Base --
Home Run
Dusted Buildings
Sixty-Liners -- needs to be marked as dusted

Sayers Rock - (2 of 92)

Dye of Newt (bazaar) --
Deja Vu-Doo (upgraded) --
Hex Mix (upgraded) --
Hocus Potions (upgraded) --
Into the Mixtic --
Enchanted Explorations (explorer's hall)
Enlightened Emporium (trading post) --
Loan Henge
Commodities market
Lime Faith
Swill o' the Wisp (bazaar) --
The Cauldron (upgraded) --
Grogma (upgraded) --
Madame Brewvatsky (upgraded) --
Viking Brewery previously named Pregrognition - now named Ta-Booze --
Yeaster Island (upgraded) --
Estate agent
Trance Estate
Wicca Chair (bazaar) --
Handcrafted --
Salem's Cot --
Sufi Mart --
The Wishing Chair --
Bungal-omen (right-facing bungalow)
Cottage Qis (left-facing cottage)
Daisy's Chains (right-facing pirate hall)
Higher Estate of Being (right-facing estate)
Necromansion (left-facing mansion)
Shackra (left-facing shack)
Shamanor (right-facing manor)
Tao House (left-facing townhouse)
Tarow Cards (right-facing row house)
Theologue Cabins (left-facing cabin)
Vishvadevillas (left-facing villa)
The Tipsy Gypsy
Ouija Swords (bazaar) --
A Lil Ball of Cracked Up Sunshine (upgraded) --
Aether Ore (upgraded) --
Balls of Steel (upgraded) --
Black Magic Smith (upgraded) --
Elf Shot (upgraded) --
The Exswordcist (upgraded) --
Iron Stakes (upgraded) --
Metalmorphosis (upgraded) --
Small Medium at Large (upgraded) --
Sticks And Stones (upgraded) --
Sooth Sayers
Mastrology (bazaar) --
Celtic Knots  : Clairbuoyancy--
Clairbuoyancy (upgraded) -- Old building dusted, new page needs to be made
Conjure A Clew (upgraded) --
Deity Dhows (upgraded) --
Dhowsing Rods --
Heaven and Hull (upgraded) --
Left and Wright (upgraded) --
Mystical Firefly (upgraded) -- dark, needs to be done soon
Prepare To Be Boarded (upgraded) --
Seven Deadly Sails (upgraded) -- renaming from Devil Warshipers needs to be finished
Dressoterica (bazaar) --
Bewitching Apparel (upgraded) -- dark, needs to be done soon
Don't Forget Your Raincoat (upgraded) --
Paraphernalia Paranoia (upgraded) -- needs to be renamed to Rapturous Raiments
Superstitchion (upgraded) --
Witches Stitches (upgraded) --
Tea Weaves (bazaar) --
Knot a Witch (upgraded) --
Loom With A View (upgraded) -- going dark, so needs to be done soon
Weaving A Life (upgraded) --
Dusted Buildings
Alter Ego Dusted at some point, March 2010 (tailor) -- awaiting community input (see here)
As the Wiccan Weaves Dusted at some point, March 2010 (weavery) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Astral Passages (explorers' hall) -- needs more specific date
Bestitched Dusted at some point, March 2010 -- done
Clairbuoyancy Dusted at some point, March 2010 -- this one dusted, but a new one was built
Curse It & Gown Dusted at some point, March (tailor) -- 2010, I'm assuming?
Crystal Balls Dusted by EAC, July 2008 -- done
Darkness Looms Dusted at some point, March 2010 (weavery) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Demonic Irony Dusted at some point, March 2010 -- needs to be marked as dusted
Enchantdress -- needs to be marked as dusted
Encharted Dusted at some point, March 2010 (shipyard) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Evil Eyekea dusted by EAC, August 2008 (furnisher) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Fabricadabra dusted by Wolfpack, June 2008 (weavery) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Firewhiskey dusted by EAC, June 2008 (Distillery) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Foo Floaters -- needs to be marked as dusted
Friggin Illusions Dusted at some point, March 2010 (shipyard) -- awaiting community input (see here)
From Rags to Witches (tailor) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Heterodocks Dusted at some point, March 2010 (shipyard) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Illoominati -- needs to be marked as dusted
Lorelei -- needs to be marked as dusted
Rune'd Hulls Dusted at some point, March 2010 (shipyard) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Spellbinding Dusted at some point, March 2010 (tailor) -- awaiting community input (see here)
The Tao of Weave Dusted at some point, March 2010 (weavery) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Weaving Spells Dusted at some point, March 2010 (weavery) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Which Craft Dusted at some point, March 2010 (shipyard) -- awaiting community input (see here)
Witchual Brew dusted by EAC, July 2008 (distillery) -- awaiting community input (see here)

Scrimshaw Island - (To be surveyed)

Scurvy Reef - (To be surveyed)

Commodities market
Cay Mart --

Sho-ke Island - (Uninhabited)

Sirius Island - (0 of 1 - Island incomplete)

Sirius Island

Commodities market
Buy Nary Market --

Spaniel Island - (To be surveyed)

Squibnocket Island - (Uninhabited)

Starfish Island - (Uninhabited)

Terjit Island - (Uninhabited)

Tichka Plateau - (Uninhabited)

Toba Island - (Uninhabited)

Tumult Island - (0 of 3 - Island in complete)

Tumult Island

Chaos Control --
Love the Wright Way -
Dusted Buildings
Bedlam Balls --

Umbarten Island - (Uninhabited)

Ventress Island - (To be surveyed)

The Fort be with you --
Anakin Shipbuilder and Son --

Wensleydale - (To be surveyed)

Wissahickon Island - (To be surveyed)