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I've been playing Puzzle Pirates since mid 2006, starting of on the subscriber Cobalt Ocean, but soon switching to the Viridian Ocean as I liked the doubloons.
Main pirate is Vortar.

Captain's Hints

  1. Just before dividing the booty at the end of a voyage is a good time to ask if people want to join the crew. Don't just click on them and invite, wait until they say yes or ask to join, it is more polite.
  2. Lima Island is the favourite haunt of Player vs Player pirates, if you like doing battles versus other players the route from there to Prolix Purlieu is the place to be. If you don't, I'd avoid sailing in those waters.
  3. Restocking is cheaper at some islands than others, a way to find out prices is via, for example select Viridian, click on Commodities, Ship Supplies, Small cannon bulls and Buy, and click on View commodity prices, you will see that Sakejima Island, Fintan Island and Labyrinth Moors are cheapest for buying small cannon balls at 13 PoE each, most expensive is Swampfen Island at 33 PoE each (these are of course subject to change)
  4. A handy third party tool for managing jobbers on pillages and counting damage against opponents is QuarterMaster Pirate Helper.
  5. If you are out leading a pillage and for some reason need to get back to land quickly, either because you need to go, or the ship is damaged or undermanned, you can re-chart your course when you are at a league point and have a chart for a nearby island. When you are at the league point, go into charting, click on the nearby island and chart course.
  6. If you want to improve your puzzle standing then reading the tips and tricks for the puzzles in Yppedia for each puzzle really helps
  7. When you take your own ship out pillaging, it can pay to set the ship to crew lock in case you get disconnected, this way another officer in the crew can take over and bring your ships safely to port.
  8. Getting a labor badge and taking three jobs (that pay at least 10 PoE an hour basic labor and keep you fully employed) will not only earn you enough PoE to buy 5 more doubloons and buy a new labor badge, but a few extra thousand poe. 10 x 24 x 30 = 7200. If you can produce better than basic labor you earn even more. You also don't have to do the puzzle 24 times each day, doing it once a week is enough to keep your skill active and to keep the shoppe/stalls using your hours and paying you.
  9. Constantly ordering people on your ship from station to station is counter productive, it not only frustrates them making them more likely to leave, it also doesn't allow them enough time to build up good combos as sparkly indicators. It also helps to ask verbally first and give them time to shift stations, so they don't booch the station and lose stats.

Tally of Kraken Blood

Chalice of Blood 4th Feb (So 10 at this point)

  • 7 Feb 2007 - KB, was spawned person on board got Mug
  • 1 Mar 2007 - KB, was spawned person on board got Mug
  • 4 Mar 2007 - KB, was spawned person on board got Mug
  • 14 Mar 2007 - KB, not sure was spawned, but one person possible did get the Mug
  • 2 Apr 2007 - KB, not sure was spawned
  • 3 Apr 2007 - KB, probably not spawned, on first battle
  • 21 Apr 2007 - KB, not sure was spawned
  • 22 Apr 2007 - KB, was spawned person on board got Mug
  • 31 May 2007 - KB, not sure was spawned
  • Total 14 to 19 spawned

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