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Demonic Irony

From YPPedia

Demonic Irony
Left-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Sayers Rock (Ursa Archipelago)
Hunter Ocean
Owner Joekickas
Manager(s) Jyoshi, Cheezits, Redspyke, Price
Erected October 2007
Dusted Date unknown
Building-Hunter-Demonic Irony.png

Demonic Irony was an Iron monger shoppe on Sayers Rock. It was named by Quitex the day Access Denied successfully blockaded the island against Barnabas the Pale.

When the blockade was over, Zeroblaze wanted to place two shoppes right away. Since he didn't have any good names, he approached Joekickas, who was going to be the owner of that shoppe, and requested a name.

At that time, Quitex was on Teamspeak with Joe, and gave several names. After coming with some bad names, and trying to follow the naming scheme, "Demoniac Irony" came up. After noticing the typo, Joekickas changed the name before passing it to Zeroblaze, and the name Demonic Irony was used.

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