Rowes Island (Emerald)

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Rowes Island
Emerald Ocean
Large island in the Stork Archipelago
Rowes Island (Emerald).png

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Information about this island's pets is unknown.
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Rowes Island is a large island located in the Stork Archipelago. There are three known routes from this island: Amity Island, Squibnocket Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Hoarfrost Island in the Puffin Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns madder, stone, and sugar cane.


There are no buildings on Rowes Island.


Rowes is currently an uninhabitable island.


The name "Rowes" most likely references Rowes Wharf in Boston, but it could also refer to Rowes Bay in Queensland, Australia.

Rowes Island was originally located on the Sage Ocean. Inscribed upon a broken barrel, located at the approximate location of the red "X" in the island's image, are the words: "This island were fashioned by Sadiekate."