Emerald Ocean

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Emerald Ocean is one of three oceans released on January 31, 2012. The ocean is a doubloon ocean created through the merger of the Sage and Hunter Oceans, and open testing lasted from January 17 to 24, 2012.[1]

The mergers of the English-language oceans were hinted at on December 7, 2011, when the "Intrepid Explorer" Velasco Thorsson posted his journals on the Hear Ye! Announcements forum. The mergers were subsequently announced the next day by Hermes. On the same day, voting on the new oceans' names opened to the general public, who voted on the name "Cerulean" for the new subscription ocean, "Meridian" for the Viridian/Malachite merger, and "Emerald" for the Sage/Hunter merger.


Emerald has ninety-two islands divided among fifteen archipelagos. There are fifty colonized islands.

The archipelagos in the former Sage Ocean are named after birds, and the islands in those archipelagos are named after places—both real (Ashkelon Arch) and fictional (Morannon Island)—or people (Jack's Last Gift). Similarly, the archipelagos in the former Hunter Ocean are named after astronomical features (e.g., the constellation of Orion, the Pleiades open cluster, the Horse Head nebula), and the islands in those archipelagos are named after a variety of things including places—both real (Anegada Island) and fictional (Lyonesse Island), and especially from mythology and folklore—people—again real (The Beaufort Islands) and fictional (Ix Chel), and again especially from mythology and folklore, like the latter—and loanwords from other languages—once again both real (Matariki Island, from the Maori) and fictional (Umbarten Island, from Tolkien's Elvish).

Canis Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Armstrong Island^ Large
Atchafalaya Island Medium
Immokalee Island Large
Moultrie Island Large
Sho-ke Island Medium
Sirius Island* Large
Tumult Island^ Outpost
Crab Archipelago Chart star blue.png
The Beaufort Islands Medium
Messier's Crown Outpost
Nunataq Island Outpost
Paollu Island Outpost
Qaniit Island Medium
Dodo Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Ancoraggio Island Outpost
Fluke Island Outpost
Kakraphoon Island^ Outpost
Eagle Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Cambium Island Outpost
Hubble's Eye^ Medium
Ilha da Aguia^ Medium
Ix Chel^ Outpost
Manu Island^ Outpost
Gull Archipelago Chart star green.png
Admiral Island^ Large
Basset Island^ Outpost
Bryher Island Outpost
Cromwell Island^ Outpost
Hook Shelf Medium
Isle of Kent^ Medium
Lincoln Island^ Large
Wensleydale*^ Large
Horse Head Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Anegada Island^ Outpost
Barnard Island Outpost
The Lowland Hundred^ Medium
Lyonesse Island Outpost
Myvatn Island Medium
Ibis Archipelago Chart star orange.png
Arakoua Island^ Large
Aten Island Large
Barbary Island^ Large
Caravanserai Island^ Large
Kasidim Island*^ Medium
Kiwara Island^ Outpost
Terjit Island Outpost
Tichka Plateau Large
Orion Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Aimuari Island^ Large
Chachapoya Island^ Large
Matariki Island Outpost
Pukru Island^ Medium
Quetzal Island^ Large
Saiph Island^ Outpost
Toba Island Large
Osprey Archipelago Chart star navy.png
Albatross Island^ Outpost
Ambush Island^ Outpost
Deadlight Dunes Outpost
Gauntlet Island^ Outpost
Jack's Last Gift Outpost
Mirage Island Outpost
Scurvy Reef* Outpost
Pelican Archipelago Chart star grey.png
Blackthorpe Island^ Medium
Cook Island Large
Descartes Isle^ Large
Fowler Island Outpost
Greenwich Island*^ Large
Halley Island^ Outpost
Spaniel Island^ Medium
Starfish Island Outpost
Ventress Island^ Outpost
Pleiades Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Accompong Island^ Outpost
Gallows Island^ Outpost
Iocane Island^ Outpost
Maia Island* Medium
Morgana Island Outpost
Paihia Island^ Outpost
Umbarten Island Outpost
Puffin Archipelago Chart star brown.png
Auk Island Outpost
Cryo Island^ Outpost
Hoarfrost Island Outpost
Stork Archipelago Chart star black.png
Amity Island^ Outpost
Bowditch Island^ Large
Hinga Island Large
Penobscot Island^ Outpost
Rowes Island Large
Scrimshaw Island^ Large
Squibnocket Island Large
Wissahickon Island*^ Medium
Tern Archipelago Chart star yellow.png
Ashkelon Arch^ Outpost
Kashgar Island^ Outpost
Morannon Island Outpost
Ursa Archipelago Chart star red.png
Alkaid Island*^ Large
Doyle Island^ Medium
Edgar's Choice Large
Isle of Keris Large
Marlowe Island^ Outpost
McGuffin's Isle Outpost
Sayers Rock^ Large

* - denotes capital
^ - denotes colonized

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