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Brigand Kings (abbreviated BK) are special brigands encountered during a corresponding expedition. The Brigand King makes an announcement at the start of the sea battle and the brigand ship will display the Brigand King's flag on the battle navigation screen. During the melee the normal swordfight puzzle background is replaced with a special "Brigand King!" background. Once the battle ends the Brigand King's ship disappears immediately. Barbarian Kings behave exactly like Brigand Kings, except they display <Barbarian King> during sea battle, rumble during the melee, and use a "Barbarian King!" background.

A ship engaged with a Brigand King ship.

Defeating a Brigand King provides a special trinket particular to that king. These trinkets can be held in portraits. The trinkets are inscribed with the message, "Ransomed by <Brigand King> to <Pirate> on <date>." Every experienced player1 aboard will receive the same type of trinket, but they may be different colors. Trinkets may be exchanged for eggs at a trading post.

1 On subscription oceans, the player must be subscribed.

Note: While there have been posts in the forum done under the guise of the Brigand Kings, these are unofficial postings made by players that are not Ocean Masters or any other Grey Havens staff and are not approved.

List of Brigand/Barbarian Kings

Brigand Kings

Flotilla icon Azarbad the Great.png Azarbad the Great

Flotilla icon Barnabas the Pale.png Barnabas the Pale

Barbarian Kings

Flotilla icon Vargas the Mad.png Vargas the Mad

Both Barbarian and Brigand Kings

Flotilla icon Admiral Finius.png Admiral Finius

Flotilla icon Brynhild Skullsplitter.png Brynhild Skullsplitter

Flotilla icon Gretchen Goldfang.png Gretchen Goldfang

Flotilla icon Madam Yu Jian.png Madam Yu Jian

Flotilla icon The Widow Queen.png The Widow Queen

Brigand King's flotilla

Flotillas will be constant nodes of Brigand King focus. BK flotillas appear at random locations around the ocean; however, a Brigand King ruling an island will not have a flotilla. New flotillas have been observed to appear on Thursdays around noon game time. A flotilla in a region means the likely target of the Brigand King is nearby, however BKs have been known to drop on islands in other nearby archipelagos if there are no targets near their flotilla.

Any number of players on any number of ships may attack the forces of the BK in a continuous flotilla battle board. Ships may come and go, like a blockade. Sinking a Brigand King's supply ships puts treasure on the board for hauling. Sinking a sufficient quantity of the "green" supply ships forces the BK to relocate his/her flotilla elsewhere, removing the threat from the local islands.

Brigand King blockades

Should a flotilla not be defeated in time, the Brigand King will declare a blockade on a nearby island. These BK drops occur around noon game time on Thursdays and the subsequent blockade occurs the second weekend following the drop, giving the defending island a minimum to prepare. The flotilla will also remain on the ocean following a blockade declaration, and if left alone long enough can drop on a second target.

The message a player will see if trying to declare a blockade after a BK has done so

Blockades declared by the Brigand Kings are always sinking. Similarly to flotillas, during a BK Blockade, players will receive a bounty in pieces of eight for sinking the Brigand King's vessels, and will also have the opportunity to haul the sunk vessels, salvaging any remaining treasure from them. Players will also receive bounties for controlling buoys around the board.

While under the attack of a Brigand King, players are not allowed to declare their own intentions to blockade the island.

Brigand King's ship

Royals see this message when a BK is defeated

Encountering a Brigand King ship on the open ocean will happen much as it does now. However, a player who is a royal of the flag that owns the ship can also decide to scuttle the Brigand King's ship on victory. Regardless of whether or not the ship is scuttled, a victorious crew will always win prizes and booty. If the scuttling flag controls an island, the BK will declare a blockade as retaliation. Unlike a flotilla drop, the brigand king will attack the next available weekend.

This does not directly affect the Brigand King's flotilla in any way. It indirectly affects his flotilla in two ways:

  • The flotilla signifies a threat to nearby islands, but if the BK is attacking a provoking flag, he is not attacking islands.
  • If a BK claims an island, his flotilla goes to port there.[1]

What happens when a Brigand King takes an island

  • The shop news is reset to a BK-specific rant in every palace room, bazaar, and government building. (The shop news at the island market cannot be reset except by OM intervention) Island news on the events tab is also changed.
  • Taxes are set to 100%
  • All PoE in the coffers of Palaces and Forts are set to 10,000 once a day with a building record that says "(the BK) accessed the coffers w/o creating a log entry (magic!)". This can lead to BK owned palaces and forts buying many cheap commodities over time. Any commodities in the hold when the island was taken by the BK remain.
  • All PoE in island attractions and bank coffers remain untouched. Island attractions will eventually dust when there is no longer enough PoE to pay rent.
  • Managers at the palace and gov't buildings are fired
  • New buy offers are enabled for all commodity types, regardless of what settings the governor had in place. BKs set the buy price to tax*10*0.90 and the sell price to tax*10*1.10. For palaces and forts, normally a commodity can not be configured until such a commodity is placed in the hold at least once. That is, if a palace has never had purple cloth put into the hold, it will not not be able to buy or sell purple cloth. Bks, however, will allow buying/selling of all commodities, if ones like navy dye that existed only as a joke.
  • Construction sites are wiped out, no matter what stage of progress they were in.

Amassed power

Attacking and Defending BK (Opal ocean)

"Power" is a rough measurement of how large the forces a Brigand King has gathered to blockade the island of their choice is. Amassed Power can be viewed by looking, on the blockades section of the notice board, at the number of ships Bkpower.png that appear after the name of the Brigand King's flag, but before the symbol showing that they are attacking. The Power will also be shown when a BK is defending an island. While originally believed to be related to the number of ships sunk in the associated BK's flotilla prior to a drop, this is not the case. The economy of an island appears to have more effect on the strength of the BK attack.

It is said that power goes down after a period of time when holding an island, however the power can go either up or down while a king is holding an island.

Specially-named ships

Brigand King ships have been observed to use a different naming convention than brigand vessels. A List of known Brigand King ship name adjectives is available.


Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

The following trophies are related to Brigand Kings:

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Icon Brigand King Crew Flag Trinkets and Eggs
Flotilla icon Admiral Finius.png Admiral Finius Cadre of His Ultimate Magnificence Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness
Flotilla icon Azarbad the Great.png Azarbad the Great Flame of Might The All-Consuming Flame
Flotilla icon Barnabas the Pale.png Barnabas the Pale Eldritch Abyss Chthonic Horde
Flotilla icon Brynhild Skullsplitter.png Brynhild Skullsplitter Thanes of the Frost-daughter Ice Wyrm's Brood
Flotilla icon Gretchen Goldfang.png Gretchen Goldfang Evil Eye Jinx
Flotilla icon Madam Yu Jian.png Madam Yu Jian Warriors of the Jade Sword The Jade Empire
Flotilla icon Vargas the Mad.png Vargas the Mad Circle of Madness The Enlightened
Flotilla icon The Widow Queen.png The Widow Queen Silken Sirens Black Veil