Release 2007-05-24

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When Brigand Kings Attack

From the Release Notes:
  • A new Brigand King, Azarbad the Great, has been sighted sailing the seas
  • Based on observations of his fleet, two new ship types are available for manufacture: Dhows and Baghlahs
  • Brigand Kings now gather their might into Flotillas on the seas
  • Brigand Kings have turned their attention to islands, and will blockade and contest for islands
    • Royalty of island holding flags can provoke blockades by defeating a King and scuttling his vessel
    • Attacks against a King's Flotilla can reduce his force, eventually driving him away
  • During Brigand King blockades and Flotilla attacks, bounties are paid:
    • Pieces of eight are awarded for scoring points by influencing buoys
    • Pieces of eight are awarded for damaging and sinking brigand vessels
    • Brigand vessels leave treasure behind when sunk
  • A new puzzle, Treasure Haul, for recovering pieces of eight from sunken vessels
  • New Tournament Styles: Double Elimination, and Single Elimination with a 3rd Place Playoff
    • Prizes can be awarded for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place as appropriate
  • Changes to brigand ship behavior in battle
  • Changes to ship locking, there are now three states:
    • Personal Use: Only the deed-holder has officer privileges
    • Crew Use: All officers in the crew have officer privileges, but may not enter sinking blockades or flotillas
    • Battle Ready: All officers in the crew may sail into sinking blockades and flotillas
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and bugfixes:
    • Hold sizes for cutters have been increased
    • Merchant Brigs and Merchant Galleons require less effort to manage the bilge
    • Hiring Jobbers & Auto-targetting buttons now on a single line in the vessel tab
    • Sort results from /vwho
    • Improve old salts' estimation of ships with valuable goods aboard
    • Fix problem where sometimes /who would fail in certain archipelagos
    • Remove greenie broadcasts, add automated replacement of it
    • Brigand Kings can only be found on Pillaging voyages
    • Slight change to display of Shanghai points on crew pages
    • Brigands and Barbarians are now marked as such by an icon on their might ring
    • Greeter-pillage per-league pay now paid to greenies from the system rather than from the hold
    • Fixed problem where interface to reclaim furniture and pets wouldn't list homes or stalls of the same type on multiple islands
    • Fixed problem where greeter pillage ships were auto-tagetting inappropriately difficult vessels