Brigand King compass

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Examples of Brigand King compasses in the 'Buy Charts' screen of the explorers' hall.
Some other examples of Brigand King compasses in the 'Charts' section of a pirate's inventory

Brigand King Compasses are a type of expedition map, and can be purchased from explorers' halls, or found in black boxes. The prices of these compasses vary, depending on the Brigand King in question, and how long the chart has been in the hall. A newly stocked chart will always be the most expensive, and gradually decrease in price the longer it is at the hall. When the chart's price decreases below a certain value (usually 1,000 PoE less than the starting price), and has not yet been bought by a pirate, the chart will disappear from the Hall altogether. Placing a Brigand King Compass on a vessel's charting table will trigger an expedition for the particular Brigand King. If the battle is won or lost, the compass will disappear; however, if either ship disengages, the compass will not be lost, and may be used again.

Brigand King Compass Starting Price
Flotilla icon Admiral Finius.png Admiral Finius Brigand King compass-Admiral Finius.png 2,000
Flotilla icon Azarbad the Great.png Azarbad the Great Brigand King compass-Azarbad the Great.png 3,000
Flotilla icon Barnabas the Pale.png Barnabas the Pale Brigand King compass-Barnabas the Pale.png 4,000
Flotilla icon Brynhild Skullsplitter.png Brynhild Skullsplitter Brigand King compass-Brynhild Skullsplitter.png 3,500
Flotilla icon Gretchen Goldfang.png Gretchen Goldfang Brigand King compass-Gretchen Goldfang.png 2,500
Flotilla icon Madam Yu Jian.png Madam Yu Jian Brigand King compass-Madam Yu Jian.png 3,000
Flotilla icon The Widow Queen.png The Widow Queen Brigand King compass-The Widow Queen.png 3,500
Flotilla icon Vargas the Mad.png Vargas the Mad Brigand King compass-Vargas the Mad.png 3,000

Historical notes

  • Brigand King Compasses were first released on the Ice Ocean in April 2011
  • Brigand King Compasses appeared on production oceans with release 2011-04-26.