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The game uses a number of backgrounds for various purposes. While most of the backgrounds are created by Three Rings staff, a few have been created by players in contests.

Portrait backgrounds

Single portraits

These backgrounds are available in portraits with the following details:
One row, 1 pirate
15,000 PoE & 20 Doubloons
Additional Prints: 5,000 PoE & 7 Doubloons

Beach by Bluebeard Beach Ship by Bluebeard Cove by Bluebeard Ocean View by Bluebeard Palm Tree by Bluebeard Sandy by Greenbones Ship Deck by Nemo
Portrait beach.png Portrait beach ship.png Portrait cove.png Portrait ocean view.png Portrait palm tree.png Portrait sandy.png Portrait ship deck.png
Good Omens by Pishkirlin Distillery by Mobutu Iron Monger by Nordenx Shipyard by Albini Weavery by Molasses Commodities Market by Molasses Navigation by Pishkirlin
Art-Pishkirlin-GoodOmens.png Art-Ickessler-distilliary.png Art-Nordenx-1pbg-forge.png Art-BootlegPatch-EveningShipwrightery.png Art-Harlech-Weavery.png Art-Harlech-Commodities Tent.png Art-Pishkirlin-Uranographica.png

Double portraits

These backgrounds are available in portraits with the following details:
One row, 2 pirates
30,000 PoE & 40 Doubloons
Additional Prints: 5,250 PoE & 7 Doubloons

Romantic Sunset by Nemo Clear Skies by Prometheus Journey To Atlantis by Llama
Portrait romantic sunset.png Portrait clearskies.png Llama Portrait Journey To Atlantis.png

Expansive portraits

These backgrounds are available in portraits with the following details:
One row, 4 pirates
60,000 PoE & 80 Doubloons
Additional Prints: 5,750 PoE & 7 Doubloons
Two rows, 5 pirates
75,000 PoE & 100 Doubloons
Additional Prints: 6,000 PoE & 7 Doubloons

Please note: All names (save Dockside Tavern and Perilous Plundering) are prefixed with "Expansive".

Cove by Bluebeard Docked Ship by Nemo Ship Deck by Nemo
Portrait expansive cove.png Portrait expansive docked ship.png Portrait expansive ship deck.png
Palace View by Nemo Dockside Tavern by Mobutu Perilous Plundering by Fishheadred
Portrait expansive palace view.png Art-ICKessler-Group pirate pub.png Portrait ppa-volume1 expansive.jpg

These backgrounds are available in portraits with the following details:

One row, 5 pirates
75,000 PoE & 100 Doubloons
Additional Prints: 6,000 PoE & 7 Doubloons
Two rows, 7 pirates
105,000 PoE & 140 Doubloons
Additional Prints: 6,500 PoE & 7 Doubloons

Please note: The portrait Ocean View is prefixed with "Expansive".

Ocean View by Bluebeard Hunting Vargas by Corwyn
Portrait expansive ocean view.png Monthly Corwyn huntingvargas.png

Puzzle Pirates Adventures portraits

A portrait with the background below was automatically awarded to pirates who completed the Greyghost's Treasure Adventure (which is no longer available).

Greyghost's Treasure by Fishheadred
Portrait ppa-volume1 single.jpg

Vampirate Lair portraits

Vampire lair trinkets can be traded in for a design that allows the following portraits.

Vampirate Sanctum (S) by Greenbones Vampirate Sanctum (M) by Greenbones Vampirate Sanctum (L) by Greenbones
Sanctum single.png Sanctum couple.png Sanctum group.png

Limited edition portraits

For a full list of current and past limited edition backgrounds created by players see the gallery of winners.

Most of the limited edition backgrounds found in game have been a result of the ongoing Portrait Background Contest. They are available in game for a limited time only. However, over the years, the Ringers have chosen a few portraits that they thought were appropriate to bring back each year as "seasonal" and can be viewed in this gallery.

The current Limited Edition backgrounds are:

The current Seasonal backgrounds are:

Retired limited edition portraits

Over the years, many portrait backgrounds have been introduced as limited edition portraits and then retired. Most of these portraits were winners of a portrait background contest. These backgrounds can be viewed in the gallery of retired backgrounds.

Puzzle backgrounds


The following puzzles are generally played while pillaging or aboard the Navy.

Bilging Carpentry Gunnery Navigation Patching
Background Bilging.png Background Carpentry.png Background Gunning.png Background Duty Nav.png Background Patching.png
Rigging Rumble Sailing Swordfight Treasure Haul
Background Rigging.png Background Rumble.png Background Sailing.png Background Swordfighting.png Background Treasure Haul.png


The following puzzles are available to play at any inn:

Boxing Drinking Hearts Poker Spades Treasure Drop
Background Boxing.png Background Drinking.png Background Cards.png Background Poker.png Background Cards.png Background Treasure Drop.png


Visit a shoppe or bazaar* for these puzzles:

Alchemistry Blacksmithing Distilling Foraging Shipwrightery Weaving
Background Alchemistry.png Background Blacksmithing.png Background Distilling.png Background Foraging.png Background Shipwrightery.png Background Weaving.png

*Exception: Pirates need to be aboard a ship ported at an uncolonized island for Foraging.

Brigand Kings

When in battle with a Brigand King, backgrounds for the swordfighting or rumble will change.

Barbarian King Barnabas Brigand King
Background Barbarian King.png Background Barnabas.png Background Brigand King.png


During an Atlantis battle, dragoons will challenge players to a swordfight which has a unique background.

Background Dragoon.png

Cursed Isles

When at the Cursed Isles, the backgrounds for swordfighting, rumbling, and foraging will change.

Swordfighting Rumbling Foraging
Background Cursed Swordfighting.png Background Cursed Rumbling.png Background Cursed Foraging.png

Historical notes

  • Prior to 2006-12-08, each puzzle background included an embedded title at the top (in English). These titles are now added dynamically based on the player's settings.

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